DUX launches armchair models in sheepskin collection

Swedish bed and furniture manufacturer DUXIANA, also known as DUX, has announced the launch of four new armchair models.

The brand has recently presented four classic armchairs in new sheepskin upholstery, which is tailor-made for selected armchair models, reflecting DUX’s commitment to offering exclusive craftsmanship and iconic design.

“DUX continues to expand its range of upholstery and introduces sheepskin as an exclusive option for four selected armchair models, including Jetson, Anita, Domus and Spider,” the company said.

“The models are meticulously crafted in collaboration with some of the most prominent names in architecture and design.”

Jetson – Bruno Mathsson

“As a tribute to the iconic designer Bruno Mathsson, the Jetson is launched in the new sheepskin upholstery. Jetson, which has a timeless and futuristic aesthetic, immediately creates a sense of elegance and creativity. Its organic shapes and unique design make it a conversation starter in any room. The high quality and soft materials of the sheepskin upholstery provide an armchair of the highest level of design and comfort.”

Anita – Claesson, Koivisto, Rune

“Anita, designed by Claesson, Koivisto and Rune, has been inspired by the Scandinavian spindle chair and Italian upholstered armchairs. The combination creates an open and comfortable armchair that is both sturdy and elegant at the same time, designed to blend into both modern and traditional interiors with ease. Anita has a harmonious balance between form and function, and sheepskin upholstery combines elegance with ergonomics.”

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Domus – Norm Architects

“Created as a tribute to Danish design, Domus is a modern interpretation of the classic armchair. The original, with a steel frame, was given a new lease of life in 2020 when DUX, in collaboration with Norm Arkitekter, launched an updated version of the armchair with a solid oak frame. Domus combines subtle details with comfort, and the new upholstery gives the armchair a Scandinavian, minimal look.”

Spider Chair

“The modern and elegant Spider Chair, which was relaunched in 2012, is one of the latest additions to the collection. With its characteristic steel spider leg design and exclusive sheepskin upholstery, the Spider Chair creates a perfect contrast between robustness and softness.”

To DUX, or not to DUX?

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