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Our mission at Big Furniture Group is to cover the latest industry news and provide insightful information to our users, while maintaining committed to accurate reporting and offering our content for FREE.

We have a network of regular readers from all aspects of the furniture industry and provide a number of services to our audience. These include:

Big Furniture Bulletin – our daily (weekday) dose of furniture news delivered straight to your inbox.

Big Furniture Magazine – our monthly publication that features big interviews, plenty of news and much more industry insight.

Big Furniture Show – this is the show that never sleeps where users can find the latest product ranges from suppliers at a click of a button.

Big Furniture Presenter – it’s all about bringing furniture into the digital world with orders being made and received in real time.

Big Furniture Kiosk – a 6ft tall touchscreen totem in your factory, showroom or exhibition stand, the kiosk brings all your products to life in one place.

Since our launch in early 2022, Big Furniture Group, the sister of long established RetailSystem, has continued to grow exponentially.

At Big Furniture Group, headed up by Editor Dan Squires – who has been involved in the furniture industry for over a decade, we want you to be a part of our Big journey with your content. Explore the news, the magazine and the 24/7 show, then get involved. We look forward to working with you.

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