To DUX, or not to DUX?

Kevin Slade, Head of Next Gen at DUXIANA, shares a deeper look into the DUX Bed and why the components are second to none, as well as the inspiration behind Pascal.

Last month we shared an insight to our recent visit to Swedish bed and furniture manufacturer DUXIANA. We touched upon a number of areas from their three factories, the history of the business, the company ethos and a bit about products. This month, the focus will be on the latter and also on their sustainable practices. Having been on the production line, the DUX Bed is certainly a marvel.

So, where to start? Or as Kevin puts it, why you need a DUX bed. “To DUX, or not to DUX? That is the question. Research has shown that DUX beds perform better than ordinary beds. We offer you a healthy, comfortable sleep, with innovative technology and sustainable solutions. With DUX, you invest in experience and high quality.”

Now you may remember the phrase ‘the bed that breathes’ from the last article, and this is the foundation of DUX’s pitch. Essentially, the bed is hollow, but the spring system is built that way on purpose. This allows air flow to be generated by the user’s movements. The streaming air can not only shuttle body heat out of the mattress, but can also produce the level of ventilation necessary to help combat odours, bacteria and fungus.

The DUX Bed spring system, including its Pascal springs enhancement, is actually guaranteed against breakage for 20 years, but very often lasts beyond 30 years, which boosts their sustainable credentials being a renewable design. Kevin explained: “The idea behind the renewable design is that the DUX Bed may be the last bed you’ll ever need. Highest-quality materials coupled with over 90+ years of heritage of Swedish craftsmanship result in a bed made to last. Simply put, the longer it lasts, the fewer beds will end up in landfills.”

With the DUX Bed being comprised of customisable components, the star of the show is Pascal. Their patented Cassette System was named in honour of the French physicist and mathematician, Blaise Pascal. A “pascal” is an international unit of measure for pressure, and in DUX’s case, a measure of the precise pressure required by each spring to support a resting body of a particular size, shape and weight.

“Our Pascal system of interchangeable spring cassettes allows you to customise your side of the bed individually. Our goal is to ensure the optimal support and comfort without comprises,” Kevin said. “The cassettes are designed to fit body types and body parts, so they do not only accommodate the difference in weight and height, but in shoulder width, hip density, and musculature. While you may need firmer bed support under your lower back, your partner may need more flexibility to achieve proper spinal alignment.”

The top layer of The DUX Bed can be unzipped to reveal the Pascal system, comprising of six interchangeable spring cassettes that come in various tensions and therefore firmness; three for each side, which can be arranged based on body size, shape and needs. These separate “support zones” cater from shoulders, back, hips and legs, as Kevin continued: “The DUX Bed separates support zones, giving you more comfort through the whole body. The shoulder cassette reduces pressure points that can inhibit circulation. The hip support cassette helps to keep your spine straight, loose and relaxed, while the leg support cassette slightly elevates your legs to align your spine and maintain circulation to your feet.”

The unique continuous-coil design of the springs, and the specific type of steel used to make them allows DUXIANIA to produce one of the smallest, thinnest and most dynamic springs on the market whilst being incredibly strong. Every spring is calibrated to provide a precise degree of lift to counteract a predetermined level of weight, while the DUX spring line machines are also made by the business to maintain their top-secret method of producing this truly unique spring, as well as full control. It’s certainly an art.

The innovation and design enhance wellbeing too. In the independent sleep study conducted by the Karolinska Institute of Sweden, sleep patterns were measured. The researchers studied individuals sleeping on various innerspring mattresses, using an EEG to record the electrical activity in the brain’s cerebral cortex. The study demonstrated that DUX users not only reached the Deep Sleep stage faster but remained there longer.

“Research shows that sleep is a very active state. We reposition our bodies throughout the night, which maintains good circulation. Our bodies release important hormones during sleep. The immune system reboots and the brain engages in a variety of critical housekeeping functions. Deep sleep is the only sleep stage during which the body can repair and regenerate tissues, build bones and muscles, and at the same time, strengthening the immune system. Our DUX Bed can give the potential of 10% more deep sleep each night, whilst also being a truly comfortable place to be,” Kevin revealed.

From a person’s wellbeing to sustainability for the product and planet, the DUX Bed base is constructed with wood harvested from Northern Sweden, where bitter cold winters produce a slow growth pine that is “unmatched in strength”. Natural latex is also used in DUX beds, harvested from the hevea or “rubber” tree. The latex in its top pads improves longevity and provides contouring support. The beds are covered in high thread-count cotton, with the result being a ticking that is not only extremely soft but exceptionally durable.

Furthermore, DUXIANA is also a recipient of the Oeko-Tex 100 Certificate. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all production stages. “This certificate confirms that our beds meet strict human-ecological requirements, being completely free of unhealthy or harmful chemicals,” Kevin said.

“As a fourth generation, family run company, our only responsibilities are to our customers, the quality and longevity of our products and to the health of the planet. It’s in our nature.”

So, the question remains, to DUX, or not to DUX?

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