Why WebSystem?

David Hewitt, Head of Global Support & Implementation at RetailSystem, talks about their powerful eCommerce platform, WebSystem.

Right from our inception some 20 years ago now, RetailSystem has been powering successful eCommerce Furniture & Bed websites across the globe.

So why WebSystem? As our industry evolves, the need to become more agile and visible continues to grow, an online presence is fast becoming crucial, we simply responded to this need, and developed WebSystem.

Towards the end of the last decade when WebSystem was born, our very own in-house team of highly skilled web developers who are completely in-tune with the furniture industries leading EPoS, RetailSystem, became a winning combination.

WebSystem later evolved into WebSystem Shopify, this powerful combination drives sales and footfall to our clients websites as well as bricks and mortar stores, by taking full advantage of all the incredible Shopify marketing apps and combining them with WebSystem thus creating some incredible features…

1. Our unrivalled complex product builder, allows your client to build products with unlimited options for sofas and bed’s etc.

2. A unified single database for live REAL TIME inventory online and in-store, you can literally sell from your stock or stock on order as well as update all your prices in-store and on-line simultaneously.

3. WebSystem’s Unified CRM, Online Order Tracking, Logistics & delivery scheduler enables you to manage that oh so important last mile. You can even let your clients select their preferred delivery date at the checkout.

And that’s just a few highlights to be honest, the list goes on… we would prefer to spend 30 minutes with you, when it suits, either on a zoom call or we would be happy to visit your store, either way it lets us show you in detail how the magic happens.

You don’t need to be a RetailSystem client to have all the WebSystem features and benefits!  You just need to call us on +44 207 0961 456 and book a demo, show us what your ideal website would look like or similar, we will match the plan that suits your needs starting from just £315.00 per month. We then help you build the theme, branding and design.

On top of that we will populate the entire product content of the website, your pricing, descriptions (re-banded if required), sizes & hi-res product images.

I know what you are thinking, ‘How much does it cost upfront’ – The great news is that it doesn’t, just a simple monthly subscription on a rolling 30-day agreement.

As your eCommerce partner our objective is to help you the retailer SELL MORE FURNITURE & BEDS!

Coming soon, our very own SEO specialist is joining the team, but more about that on our next catchup!


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