What’s fashionable in furniture?

Amthal Karim, Head of Design at Furniture And Choice, shares her monthly overview of on-trend styles and interior looks currently inspiring furniture buyers.

Pull quote: “With dining furniture, warm tones are also at play with rich or dark woods coming back into fashion.”

With the influence of wellbeing-led design and a trend for everything biophilic in the interiors industry, it’s no surprise that people are craving cosiness, warmth and a cocoon-like feel in their homes.

Along with the popularity of curved shapes, we’ve noticed an increase in demand for warm, neutral colours for sofas as well as the latest beige and stone shades in dining tables.

Following the success of ivory bouclé in sofas and décor which was light, timeless and utterly chic, furniture colours are going over to the light side.

The inspiration for a cosy, classic design style seems to have evolved from the combination of a few popular interior trends. ‘Monochrome décor,’ ‘soft minimalism’ and ‘quiet luxury’ are definitely having a moment on social media.

This modern aesthetic is all about timeless warm neutrals, rich woods, and a clever combination of texture.

The colour palette for warm minimal is the most important part of the look. Interior design is moving away from cold whites and cool greys and is gravitating towards subtle, cosier tones of ivory, stone or dove which add softness and depth.

There has been an obvious shift away from grey sofas to lighter coloured seating that makes a space feel cosy and immediately more relaxing.

We’ve also noticed that suppliers are offering new colour choices in their list of neutrals. The charts have developed from white, cream and beige to a varied display of tones such as ivory, cream, ecru, dove, stone, taupe, greige, beige and mushroom.

These shades of upholstery add depth to a room with greige walls creating a feeling of layering because of the tone-on-tone effect.

With dining furniture, warm tones are also at play with rich or dark woods coming back into fashion. The monochrome colour palette gives you the chance to add modern Art Deco touches with bold black or dark wood to offset the light, cream backdrop.

Also, the mix and match look for dining furniture is intentional to add interest to this aesthetic. It’s all about the interplay between light and dark tones and the introduction of texture.

After all, what is more timeless than a dramatic dining space styled with a black oak table and ivory bouclé chairs with black legs?

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