What furniture product prices are rising the most?

An adult bed, double wardrobe and kitchen furniture units experienced the highest price hikes compared to last year, says new data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

According to the ONS’ new shopping prices comparison tool, which allows users track how the average prices of over 450 individual items in the consumer prices basket has changed over time, combined furniture product prices reached £8,793.29 in March 2023, an increase of 8%, or by £641.48 more than last year.

Within the furniture category, which ranges from beds, sofas, cabinets and kitchens, the latter of kitchen wall units and base units saw prices rise 20% to £176.88 and £211.50 respectively.

Adult beds saw prices grow 11% to an average of £645.56, while a double wardrobe is also up 11% to £658.32.

Other notable products included non-leather sofas, up 10% to £1,064.76, leather sofas, up 5% to £1,871.79 and armchairs, up 9% to £654.69.

The only product in this category that saw a reduction in average price was a photo frame, down 4% to £11.28.

As for furnishing fabrics, curtains and bed linen, a double duvet has increased in price by 8% to £32.49, while curtains are down 3% to £49.81. As a combined figure, the basket totals £140.45, representing a modest rise of 1% or by £1.46.

Finally, carpets, rugs and flooring saw an overall increase of 10%, or by £15.07, to £173.22, with synthetic tufted carpet the highest riser of 15% to £24.18. Rug prices rose 8% to £72.15, while wool carpets increased 10% to £38.96.

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