Warning – Will Cause Drowsiness

Big Furniture Group were delighted to see that Kaymed “Best Supplier” trophy took pride of place when we visited their very busy stand at the recent NBF Bed Show.

With a new and exciting collection of new products for 2024, Kaymed were also keen to warn customers that their products should be sold responsibly, due to their “addictive” properties.

Anyone visiting the Kaymed stand would have struggled to miss the humorous warnings regarding the benefits of sleeping on their products. The tongue in cheek highlights included the fact that Kaymed mattresses are highly addictive and that the recommended daily dose of 7-8 hours per day should not be exceeded.

These “Warnings” will be a mainstay of the 2024 marketing campaign, appearing both instore and online on their website throughout the year. This completely different approach to marketing is as unique as the products offered by Kaymed, who relish in their role of being the foam industry’s primary innovator of new technologies.

The Kaymed difference

Inferior memory and gel foam mattresses are unable to effectively remove the heat produced by your body away from the sleeping surface, because your body weight closes the cells of the foam and traps your body heat beneath you. Consequently, claims of relying on “open cell” technology to dissipate this heat do not bear up to scrutiny, because it is effectively “no cell” technology when the mattress is in use.

Kaymed are the only manufacturer of higher end mattress in the British Isles who own a foam making facility. They have access to a myriad of exclusive patents and technologies that allow them to solve this age-old problem via the use of super heat conductors infused into foam to disperse heat away, or infusing foam with phase change crystals to both store and release heat to preset levels.

Silver Collection

Kaymed Silver mattresses are infused with highly conductive silver microbeads to disperse away from your body, helping to keep the mattress surface cooler. The material also delivers sublime levels of comfort and support, to help you sleep deeply and soundly all night long.

Therma-phase Ultra Collection – Superfast Climate control

Therma-phase Ultra is a unique pressure relieving material infused with patented phase change crystals and hyper conductive copper and precious metal microbeads. The phase change crystals work by constantly absorbing and releasing body heat to maintain the ideal sleep surface temperature. The infusion of copper and precious metal microbeads work as a super-fast heat conductor, quickly moving heat to and from the surface as required.


Regulatex mattresses contain a natural latex layer with highly conductive graphite, which acts as a thermal pathway to distribute excess heat away from the sleeping surface. The combination of latex and pocket springs responds instantly to every micro movement as you sleep, producing the optimum in both pressure relief and comfort.

K3 Gel

The cubed construction delivers instant pressure relief and restoration, moulding to your body in all three dimensions. K3Gel’s design enhances air circulation, regulating your body temperature for unsurpassed sleeping comfort.

Mighty Bed

The Mighty Bed was inspired by Kaymed’s decades of expertise in developing mattresses for luxury hotels. These models offer a firmer feel and are built to last, using reinforced pocket sprung mattresses complemented by bases designed to survive the rigours of hotel life.

To enquire about Kaymed products please contact Terry Bridger – e mail terry.bridger@kaymedworld.com or 07825 667464.

Mighty Bed Wicklow

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