Trust me, I’m a Salesman

Gareth Price, UK Divisional Manager at Lynch Sales Company, talks about trust and power it brings when promoting, especially a sale event.

This year there will be elections across Western democracies, and voters will be bombarded with promises, claims and counterclaims. It is easy to become sceptical. Who has the time and energy to unpick it all?

The recent ITV docudrama, Mr Bates vs the Post Office illustrates what can happen when trust is abused with catastrophic consequences. Misguided trust in an institution, its management, a ropey computer system and distrust of loyal employees. It is unlikely that the Post Office’s mismanagement would go unnoticed today as victims would share their experiences on social media and call out the Post Office’s actions. Public outrage has ensued since the program was broadcast.

Loyalty and trust are a big deal. Trust is hard-earned and should never be taken for granted. The truth is, it’s the most potent marketing tool in the retailer’s armoury. It is easy to remember and substantiate. Lynch loves to use it front and centre in every promotion. We always explain “The Reason for the Sale” – we always ask that all the offers are genuine and that everything is reduced.

I recently walked the Winter Sale in Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth’s major shopping outlet. What incredible offers, “up to (tiny font) 50% off” (huge font), “up to 60% off”, or even “up to 70% off”. Who are they kidding? Current ranges were barely reduced at all, and most reductions did not get close to the headline on their window posters. It is all beginning to look a bit like the Brexit bus. If I am disappointed one minute after crossing the threshold of a store, then the marketing has backfired, trust in the brand and the sale is diminished. Staff may be on their back foot, having to justify a dubious claim. We at Lynch, make bold statements but they are rooted in the truth.

In a recent ‘Store Closing and Relocation Sale’ for Vale Furnishers in Farnham, we told the story honestly. Vale has a loyal customer base thanks to its reputation for providing excellent quality products and exceptional customer service. We respect that and were determined not to tarnish their reputation or undermine the event by making overblown claims. We explained clearly that their lease was due to expire, and they had extended their Ash Vale store to accommodate the contemporary styles featured in Farnham. We did not make anything up and when we shouted, “selling out to the bare walls”, we meant it.

Mark Chandler, MD at Vale gave me this testimonial to share: “This is the second time we have worked with Gareth. As before, the clear and direct message did an amazing job and created a fantastic first-day queue. It was a well-executed marketing campaign that kept customers coming in and helped spread the word about our store relocation. The challenge was to empty the shop ahead of the lease ending, and the site being re-developed, and Lynch did just that. In addition to putting together a great campaign, Gareth was then very present in-store and got his hands dirty helping to move sold furniture and even wrote up the odd order!”

Honest, straightforward messages and offers will result in excellent sales, nurturing loyalty, trust, and positive reviews. For the last two years, all our clients are returning customers, and I thank them for their trust.

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