The birth of Sweet Dreams’ new era

Nick Williams, Sales Manager at bed manufacturer Sweet Dreams, shares another teaser ahead of their big rebrand unveiling.

Last month Sweet Dreams revealed the first teaser of their big rebrand project. The business, which has been established since 1988, decided that now is the right time to take the plunge in overhauling their entire look and perception. 

“We have decided on a rebrand in order to shift the perception of the bed, mattresses and upholstery ranges, from one of quality, service, value and mid-market to one of premium quality with good value for money,” said Nick.

Working with brand guru, Guy Marson from Nettl Worcester, the team has been busy redefining Sweet Dreams’ brand values and incorporating them all in a new identity, one that demonstrates to the market that, after 36 years of bed manufacturing in the UK, the business remains well-established.

To allow for a constructive rebrand strategy, Sweet Dreams put together a Focus Group where many hours and ideas have been shared. With Guy part of this group as a pair of external eyes looking into the brand, the strategy sessions have delivered positive results.

“Having re-branded Premiership Rugby, County Cricket, House Skin & Hair Care ranges and worked with other focus groups, I can honestly say that the group consistently challenged themselves, sharing their honest views and opinions to agree what the true values of the business are historically and re-defining them for the future,” Guy said. “The brand value proposition succinctly sets out what the business is all about. It’s been great fun working with the team.”

Nick echoed the sentiment: “The real highlight so far is how the Focus Group has knitted together. We asked staff from all across the business to ensure we got a really clear understanding of what the company thinks of itself. We told everyone to leave their titles outside of the room and it worked really well. Guy has been excellent too.”

It goes without saying, but with a task as big as a rebrand, there will be bumps in the journey. For Nick, the main challenge was all about getting the Sweet Dreams ‘personality’ on point. “The real challenge was creating our brand ‘personality’, which is a combination of values, attributes and our proposition. There were so many combinations and we had to work really hard to get it right.”

Although it is still too early for any unveiling, Nick added that it’s been a “fantastic transition into a premium look”, with the big reveal all set for the September edition of Big Furniture Group. This will flow nicely into September’s NBF Bed Show, where the rebrand will be seen and felt in the flesh for the first time.

“We are looking to get everything in place for the NBF Bed Show. The show stand will be focused on the new look with a big launch event too. We’re very excited,” says Nick.

“As part of the rebrand, we will be launched a brand new product catalogue with a range of new beds, mattresses and bed frames too. These will also be unveiled at the Bed Show.

“It’s been an incredible journey – even the Pakoras, Samosas and Naans we get each lunchtime during the Focus Group They are so good I always order more to take home! However, joking aside, it’s been fabulous to see the birth of Sweet Dreams’ new era and we can’t wait to show everyone.”

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