The Big Question: 2023 plans?

This month we’re asking retailers, what are you hoping to achieve during 2023?

Emma Leeke – Leekes

We have been developing our new upgraded transactional website which we will be launching in 2023.

Nigel Lomas – Harvest Moon Interiors

Political stability please, interest rates to stay put, Mr Putin to go home and have a nice cup of tea and stop being a pain to us all. Then we can carry on selling lovely furniture to all these new homes being built.

John Rayment – Sussex Beds

My goal for 2023 is to successfully open three new Surrey branches for Sussex Beds, and secure the next one for 2024! Along with this is expanding our team to over 80 team members.

Jan Morgan – Hafren Furnishers

We are hoping to continue to satisfy our customers furniture requirements. We consistently do this across both our Llanidloes and the new Aberystwyth store, as well as online, by offering high quality leading furniture brands at the best possible prices.

Millie Baker – Barretts of Woodbridge

Our goal is to maintain our traditional values whilst keeping a fresh eye with our showroom. We also want to keep pushing the ever important ’shop local’ ethos. As well as the physical store, we’re positive with growing our online presence even more in 2023.

Steve Adams – Mattress Online

What we want to achieve in 2023 is the opening of more new physical stores to really bolster that omnichannel growth. We will continue to strengthen our commitment to sustainability and introduce new ways to be more accountable in that area. Importantly, we also plan to support our whole team to reach their own individual goals and achievements with training and internal health and wellbeing support.

Wendy Martin Green – Peter Green Furnishers

Well, 2023 is projected to be difficult year for most of us, as the furniture industry is always particularly vulnerable to negative changes in consumer spending. With rising costs, we will, as a business, be paying particular attention to the details. It will be a time to hone our housekeeping skills and check that we are not over spending on anything. That being said, we will not be cutting back on advertising as we are great believers that that will have a negative impact on the company, although we may be relocating some of our adverting spend to try out some new ideas online. This year we intend to pay particular attention to our Commercial Contracts Department and our Web Sales. Last year we spent a lot of energy on replacing our showroom fixtures, flooring, branding and signage so we feel all set for 2023 on the retail side and we have refreshed many our displays with new and exciting offerings.

Vic Smith – Vic Smith Beds

Normally about this time each year, I take a few days out of the business, take a few drinks and a sandwich into my front room at home, shut the door, switch off my phone and sit there with some paper and a pen and really think about my business. An autopsy if you like. This sounds extreme and maybe even silly. But having three stores, and a family you can never really find the time because you are always fighting fires. And at some stage you have to sit down and find the time for the creative juices to come up with some ridiculous ideas that you can sift through and find the bare bones of a fledgling idea. Or even by giving yourself the time to think through procedures, whether it’s sales or infrastructure or even deliveries. Thinking it through with the benefit of what might have gone during the past year helping you to change tweak or implement new systems. We will also be freshening up the stores pre-summer and having a huge shop model clearance sale.

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