Swedish luxury bed maker opens debut UK showroom

Colin Boyce, UK agent of Swedish luxury bed manufacturer Mattsons Beds, talks about the company’s debut British showroom and shares an introduction into the Mattsons brand.

Mattsons Beds are on the path to widen its network through retail partnerships with select home interior and bed boutiques around the world.

With 16 showrooms strategically located across the globe, 11 of which in Europe including countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Greece and its homeland of Sweden, the business has officially entered the UK market with its British debut and 17th showroom.

Mattsons Beds has opened in Topsham, near Exeter, and features its full range of beds and mattresses. The brand will host an official launch event from 14th to 16th of September at the Dartmoor Bed Company at Unit 2 Dart Business Park, opposite Darts Farm.

Colin Boyce, UK agent for Mattsons Beds, revealed: “We are excited to invite the British public and potential partners to experience our philosophy of a customised and designed bedroom experience.

“The event will be the ideal setting to explore our full range of amazing products. We believe that Mattsons should be experienced in the right way; with the guidance of a Mattsons educated and trained expert. Our intention is to have only a select few number of partners in each market.”

The Mattsons Beds experience dates all the way back to 1851 when Isak Mattson set up a sawmill on the family estate, Österkvarn, in Malmbäck Småland, an area of Sweden that has been associated with fine furniture making for centuries.

“Making use of the Nordic land in a traditional and ethical way, we source Swedish steel, slow-growing pine, flax from open fields, and wool as well as hair from healthy horses and free-ranging sheep,” says Colin.

“We create beds that are meant to last for many, many years. All are entirely crafted by hand by our skilled craftsmen and women, to provide the most exquisite and dreamy experience. We make beds for families, for hotels, for restless sleepers and for every weight, body, spine and mind. And if you wish, we’ll make your bed entirely made to order, customised accordingly to your own environment, down to the exact colour nuance of the tufting thread.”

With a rich heritage of just over 170 years, today, Tomas Anders and Oscar Mattson represent the fifth and sixth generation of the family bedmakers, and take personal responsibility for every single bed leaving Sweden’s west coast and going out into the world.

“We know a better sleep is possible, and we spend all of our waking time tweaking the smallest details to make that happen,” they said, continuing: “To be embraced by a hand-tufted bed by Mattsons is like touching cashmere for the first time, after wearing coarse wool against your skin your entire life. Your body will feel weightless, and you’ll soon drift off into a dreamlike state of blissful sleep, safely resting on only the finest natural materials. It will be the beginning of a new way for your body and mind to rest, in which you’ll find out how well you’re actually capable of sleeping, and how incredible that can make you feel.

“Made entirely in our cold, harsh and stunningly beautiful country, we’re very proud to be able to offer you the most refined, sophisticated and blissful beds that exist today. One stitch at a time.”

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