Purecare Point of Difference

US bedding brand Purecare shares an insight into the key features that make the mattress protector stand out against others in the market.

The Purecare brand is continuing to grow its UK and European presence since officially launching in both markets at the start of the year. Following successful trade shows, Purecare is set to keep the momentum going at this month’s Spring Furniture & Beds Show, which takes place from 21-22 May at NAEC, Stoneleigh Park, organised by Minerva Furniture Group.

On show will be an expansive range of mattress protectors and encasements, aimed to enhance every individual’s unique sleep experience. Purecare ranges specialise in five-sided protection and six-sided encasements, which are bed bug proof with their flagship OmniGuard ranges.

Johan Bosman, Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, shared some of the key points of difference Purecare has to offer on all protectors. “Our mattress protectors are extremely high in quality and help to provide a much cleaner sleep.

“Our ranges include an improved membrane with a certified virus barrier and are treated in Silver Chloride (AgCl), which creates an anti-microbial barrier creating a more hygienic sleep surface.

“Furthermore, they include double seamed stitching around the barrier to offer strong protection, while incorporating higher grade fabrics used on the sleep surface as well as a stronger skirt elastic. We also offer up to a 12-year anti-stain clean and replace mattress guarantee too, giving peace of mind to our customers.

“Additional mattress protectors also incorporate the use of high-quality fibres such as CELLIANT Recovery, which uses the world’s most advanced infrared fibres to support restorative sleep and stimulate faster recovery.

“These are just a handful of examples of our innovation behind our wellness products. It’s also one of the main reasons why today we are recognised as one of the largest and leading experts in this category within the US market.”

Purecare, which started in 2008, has also strengthened their wellness credentials through its partnership with Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine, who helps to uncover universal connections between the mind and body that can enhance the overall collective sleep wellness experience.

“This partnership further enhanced our understanding and development of our core wellness products which has already shown to be a great success,” Johan added. “As we’ve grown from strength to strength in the US, we’ve long recognised that the UK & European market’s consumer trends mirror the growth in demand for wellness products.

“Since our launch earlier this year, Purecare is already becoming a recognised brand in the mattress protection space and we’re excited to build on this early growth. If you want to partner with a leading wellness specialist in mattress protection, pillows and premium bedding, that will help increase your sales and profit within this category, please do contact us and get involved.”


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