Outdoor furniture business recruits apprentice

Outdoor and garden furniture business TDP has announced the appointment of Leah Barratt as its new apprentice.

Leah, a student at Chesterfield College, is studying for a business administration apprenticeship with the business and consists of on-the-job learning, where she has been getting involved into many different aspects of the family-run firm.

Commercial director Kym Barlow said: “I think one of the benefits for us as a business is Leah’s enthusiasm, new ideas and willingness to give everything a go. She came to a talk we gave at Derby University, and she has come with us to several networking events.

“One of the big things for me in bringing an apprentice into the businesses is that I want Leah to get as much out of this as we are getting as a business. For me, being part of Leah’s journey, if she goes on to bigger and better things in the future, I will be happy that I’ve been part of that.”

Leah commented: “I’m more of a hands-on learner. I wanted to be involved in a business setting. I liked the fact TDP’s furniture was 100% recycled and I liked the charity work the company gets involved in.

“Rob and Kym Barlow can’t involve me enough in the business. I have been going to lots of events. I feel such a part of it. When I am talking to people at networking events I’m not nervous and I can speak from a young person’s perspective. It has made me come out of my shell a lot.”

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