Mobile upholstery repairs firm secures investment

Investment firm Middleton Enterprises has announce its investment into Upholstery2u, a mobile upholstery repairs provider.

Middleton Enterprises is investing £1.125m of Growth Capital, primarily to assist the company in solidifying its position as a market leader in the UK, whilst also expanding internationally.

Founded in 2021 by brothers, Daniel and Michael Boyle, Upholstery2u offers fast and affordable on-site repairs of equipment or furniture upholstery. With over 12 years experience in the industry, they bring their pioneering, high-spec mobile workshop to a customer’s doorstep, where their skilled, fully trained upholsterers complete repairs in as little as thirty.

The founders have successfully completed repairs across a variety of industries including, hotels, pubs and restaurants, airports, educational establishment and healthcare providers, however with a specific focus on Gyms. Notable work includes a David Lloyd refurbishment, a Gym Group repair and Total Fitness maintenance contract.

Moreover, Upholster2U offers eco-friendly solutions by refurbishing well-used objects and furniture, preventing thousands of items from ending up in ladnfills.

Jeremy Middleton, CEO of Middleton Enterprises, said: “Upholstery2u is the type of fast-growing business that Middleton Enterprises likes to support. The founders describe themselves as ‘upholstery pioneers’ who have ‘ripped up the rule book’. Indeed, no one else appears to offer the same proposition and, to us, that represents significant potential. To that end, we believe it has the makings of a UK success story.

“As the company expands – across the UK and beyond – we expect there to be plenty of opportunities for growth. In fact, we believe our relationship with Upholstery2u is likely to last beyond the typical three- to five-year investment period.”

Upholstery2u’s co-founder, Daniel Boyle, added: “We found Middleton Enterprises’ growth capital to be especially appealing. It’s a different approach to other investors, and one we believe will offer us the flexibility our business needs as it grows. What’s more, as the co-founder of Homeserve, with its fleet of repair and maintenance vans and engineers, we saw Jeremy Middleton as an investor with a genuine understanding of how our business operates.”

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