MattressTek launches new sub-brand AutomateTek

Lancashire machinery manufacturer MattressTek, known for its range of machines used in the manufacturing, production and processing of beds and mattresses, as well as the components needed in those areas, has created a sub-brand to differentiate its offering.

MattressTek has launched AutomateTek to promote its expertise in the provision of solutions to issues that manufacturers; across industrial, material handling and packaging; are facing. They are already following up enquiries regarding the transportation of components and products around factories and furthering their existing work in the foam processing sector including connections made at an exhibition last month.

AutomateTek comes as a result of feedback from existing customers and visitors to their stand at Foam Expo North America, along with a suggestion from their exclusive US distribution agent who is supporting their sustained export pursuits in this continent. They have received requests to design and build machines and production lines for use in the manufacturing, management and cutting of flooring, curtains, plastic film, amongst others. One customer had been looking for a solution for six months – prior to seeing the exact solution they required featured in the company’s video which was played on their stand at the exhibition.

Technical Director Shaun Peel commented: “Innovation is what we do. Adapting and redeveloping our machines to suit bespoke customer requirements. So it made sense to listen to the feedback and act on it. All of our machines have an element of programmable automation so AutomateTek was a logical choice.”

Sales Director, Michael Birtwistle added: “Whilst we started in the servicing of the mattress and bed manufacturing sectors when we set up back in 2017, and will proudly continue to do so, some of our customers also work across other areas of manufacturing such as foam, springs and the processing of all manner of other materials. We don’t want to deter those who can benefit from using our machines and solutional approach from enquiring because they associate us with one niche.”

Shaun explains: “The programmable element of our machines and conveyors means that companies can manage, and where desired, reduce overheads of staff and automate their production and fulfilment lines to streamline their processes, reduce wastage and downtime, increase productivity and volume of the output of products and monitor how effective their production lines are. This is a growing thing, with the presence of AI, Industry 4.0 and transformative technologies.”

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