Mattress retailer moves from plastic to plant-based packaging

Beds and mattresses retailer MattressNextDay has announced a sustainable upgrade to its packaging, moving from plastic to plant-based.

The retailer now exclusively uses a polythene packaging called Marpak Green in its warehouse, which is an environmentally-friendly polymer made from sugarcane and is a fully renewable resource.

Marpak Green film retains the same functional properties as regular packaging, but is 100% recyclable. Plus, its production process removes CO2 from the atmosphere.

Martin Seeley, CEO of MattressNextDay, said: “Our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility has led us to adopt a new packaging solution that not only eliminates plastic but also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

“Our adoption of Marpak Green film is a testament to our efforts in finding eco-friendly alternatives and achieving our sustainability goals. We hope this inspires other businesses to make the switch to greener alternatives as well.” –

To achieve this result, MattressNextDay worked with market-leaders Marpak Extrusions Ltd, who are one of the first film producers in the UK to use Braskem’s revolutionary sustainable polymer, Green PE.

MattressNextDay has also recently announced a new partnership with mattress manufacturer Tempur UK Ltd.

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