Luxury furniture manufacturer rebrands

Luxury sofa and beds manufacturer Envisage has rebranded to boost its appeal to a wider market audience.

Envisage Trade is now known as Envisage Home, which was introduced earlier this month alongside a new website,

Commenting on the rebrand, Rij Kabir, Director at Envisage Home, said: “The reason for the change was to give the brand a more appealing name to reflect the luxury beds that we do. We believe the new brand name of Envisage Home adds a more warmly feel and we have simplified the logo to market a wider audience.

“We have invested heavily in launching the brand with a new website, and we are also launching a new catalogue and a more bespoke range of products too.”

Rij said that business so far this year has been ‘steady’, while a lot of product development work has been implemented in its new ranges, which it hopes, will – alongside the new branding, ‘catch the eye’ of consumers.

“The plan is to launch a new signature range, a premium range of beds targeting the luxury end of the market,” said Rij. “We are also launching a bricks and mortar only range to cater for the shops and also an online range only too.

“Envisage Home has received rave reviews of the outstanding beds we produce here in our factory in Birmingham. We have recently exhibited at the South West Furniture Show in Bridgewater with agents and retailers advising the quality is best amongst the industry.

“The plan is to exhibit in further trade shows this year and build our portfolio of clients. Through extra business we would hope to create more jobs and scale the business up during the last quarter of this year.”

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  1. This company have a rather unfavourable listing at Companies House. Faced compulsory strike off action in February this year, albeit discontinued Platitudinous hype.

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