Letter from Vietnam: A show that never stops

Henrik Pontoppidan, Director of S2U Design, talks about what it’s like being on the ground in Vietnam.

Viefurn 365 – another show that never closes

In the province of Dong Nai, about 25 miles from Ho Chi Minh City, District 1, there is a permanent furniture exhibition – the TAVICO HOME Viefurn 365 show with currently 250 manufacturers showcasing their designs. This exhibition is growing and has scope for expansion to more than twice the current size.

Mr. Ha, CEO, and his team of TAVICO saw mill and timber supplier, have spent the last two years building the 20,000 SQM TAVICO exhibition. The show opened its doors for the first time on the 25th September 2023.

After the official opening – an event that lasted 7 days – the exhibitors are keeping their booths and displays permanently for potential customers to browse. The qualified TAVICO staff permanently mange the operation including a well-organised database containing product specific information along with the contact details of each manufacturer. Each of the app. 10,000 items currently displayed is issued with a QR code which, when scanned with a smartphone, provides basic product information. Visitors can visit any time 365 days per year and browse displays. Enquiries can be addressed to the TAVICO staff, who will introduce interested buyers from all over the world to the respective manufacturers.


TAVICO is a privately owned Vietnamese conglomerate containing one of the leading sawmills in Vietnam. Under the leadership of CEO Mr. Vo Quang Hà, TAVICO have worked tirelessly with government institutions for a decade, with a view to help achieving the government’s ambitious export targets, while ensuring cost effective supply chains, consistent raw material quality and legal, traceable and certified wood supply. Today the TAVICO sawmill, located close to the Viefurn 365 exhibition, covers 40 hectares.

In the pursuit of bringing about a superbly managed supply chain for wooden products, TAVICO have taken this agenda one step further by now also making it easier for foreign buyers to source reliable products, with transparently certified raw materials, in consistent quality, from manufacturers otherwise difficult to find, vet and connect with.

I had the pleasure of visiting the exhibition during the opening ceremony, and meeting with CEO Mr. Vo Quang Hà, who explained:

With our significant range of wood products from all over the world, ranging from raw logs to sawn timber and wood components, we operate the permanent exhibition in support of our many hundred customers while also providing transparency of the wood supply for foreign buyers.

Mr. Khuyen Nguyen, Operations manager for the Viefurn 365 Exhibition said: “We would like to educate Vietnamese manufacturers to be more environmentally aware – as well an more knowledgeable of compliance requirements from abroad – when they source their raw materials. Our support through the Viefurn 365 Exhibition is a great vehicle to achieve this.”

If you are looking to connect with reliable and capable suppliers, you can benefit greatly from visiting this exhibition on your next visit to Vietnam. It provides a way to get more insight – at a glance – into the many opportunities, Vietnam has to offer. A stop at Viefurn 365 is highly recommendable next time you visit your Vietnamese suppliers.

Address: 81 Dieu Xien, KP. 9, Tan Bien Ward, Bien Hoa, Dong Nai, Vietnam.

For further information you can contact me on henrik@s2udesign.com. I would be delighted to help you organise a visit.


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