Letter from Vietnam: A Hidden Gem

Henrik Pontoppidan, Director of S2U Design, talks about the hidden gems in Vietnam with Vinahardware being one of them.

Choosing the right factory in Vietnam is a multifaceted journey, not just about technical prowess and specialisation in your specific type of product, but also about making the business experience smooth and genuinely enjoyable. The ideal partner goes beyond meeting specifications, ensuring clear and prompt communication. There’s also the crucial element of confidentiality, where an importer’s ideal factory should remain discreet, hidden from competitors’ prying eyes.

Here is the bombshell: The best factories aren’t always dominated by your competitors. Quite often, they are not even known to most regular global importers. The ever-evolving Vietnamese furniture manufacturing industry constantly offers great opportunities to move at the right time, where the stars align perfectly, just now. Great, if you know where they are – at the right time.

Here’s a gem
Among these gems is a Metal factory, which I have worked with extensively for my local sourcing and product development on the ground in Vietnam for 4-5 years. Over this period, during which I have seen the company evolving and investing, I have developed several sophisticated brackets for my furniture designs, with unique functions, adjustments and USPs. And while working with many different suppliers, all roads seemed to lead to Vinahardware for anything metal. They consistently ticked all the boxes, they had the right technology for the best balance between quality, precision, efficiency and cost, and – not least – they are refreshingly honest, modest, accommodating and straight to the point. On a personal level it always felt like I was important to them as a customer.

Vinahardware was established in 2012 by a highly skilled and creative mechanical engineer with his degree earned in Taiwan, as a supplier of nuts and bolts, and has since grown to become a leading trade merchant for all kinds of hardware in the domestic market supplying more than 10,000 SKUs including screws, nuts and bolts, bespoke ornamental chrome parts, OEM folding brackets and complex recliner chair brackets to mention a few. Unknown to even some of their hundreds of domestic customers, a significant and growing part of their output is manufactured in-house. In fact, if you import furniture from Vietnam, it is more than likely that some of the metal parts, standard and purpose made, are made at Vinahardware’s sophisticated factory.

Evolving from professional Sub-Con to Consumer Products

Being used to requirements and compliance for the global markets, through acting as subcontractors for hundreds, if not thousands, of Vietnamese furniture exporters, Vinahardware have recently set up a new division for direct export of complete furniture designs, Particularly Wall Racks, Shelving, Barstools, Chairs, Tables, Desks (Including height adjustable desks) and coffee tables, where Metal is an integral part, targeting the global retail industry. In addition, Vinahardware offer standard and customised OEM bracket systems for worldwide manufacturers. For the latter, Vinahardware already has customers in China, which is quite telling of their capabilities.

High tech R&D and Machining Capabilities

Vinahardware, often perceived as a trusted local merchant of hardware, conceals a hidden gem – a high-tech factory backed by a substantial R&D department. In the realm of metal craftsmanship, Vinahardware stands as a beacon of cutting-edge capabilities, poised to become a global star in their expertise. Beyond its domestic prominence, Vinahardware’s export division transforms it into a collaborative partner, dedicated to crafting and delivering precise technical solutions for your project. Their innovative approaches ensure meeting target prices without sacrificing quality, and the extensive range of 10,000 off-the-shelf standard hardware SKUs for nationwide distribution, only adds to their strength and consistency, reinforcing their ability to meet your unique supply needs seamlessly.

If you would like to explore this opportunity for metal based furniture, you are welcome to reach out and I will introduce.

Contact: henrik@s2udesign.com | www.s2udesign.com / www.vinahardware.com

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