Land of Beds gets into the Christmas spirit

Family-run, independent beds and mattresses retailer, Land of Beds, recently transformed its Helsby store into a winter wonderland, creating an enchanting evening with Santa Claus.

Over 50 local children and their families flocked to Land of Beds to kickstart the holiday season with a truly magical experience. The Helsby Concert Band set a festive mood with lively tunes, infusing the air with contagious joy.

Santa Claus made a special appearance at the store, thanks to the efforts of the local Rotary Club, and engaged with children, singing festive songs and reading heartwarming Christmas stories.

Land of Beds went above and beyond, curating a variety of festive activities to keep all ages entertained while eagerly awaiting Santa’s grand entrance. From reindeer hoopla to decorating the Christmas tree with tweezers and pompoms, the night was filled with delightful pastimes, including Christmas tree balancing beams and an emoji festive quiz. Classics like “Pin the Nose on the Snowman” and a snowball snowman attack added a dash of laughter to the festivities.

Mince pies and biscuits were served to add to the merriment, ensuring the holiday spirit wasn’t just seen but also savoured. As a sweet parting gesture, children left the store with a special treat to carry the festive joy home.

Mike Murray, the CEO of Land of Beds, emphasised the pivotal role of bedtime reading in promoting sleepiness and relaxation. “Bedtime reading establishes a positive association that enhances the overall sleep experience. With consistent repetition, bedtime reading transforms into a powerful sleep cue, contributing to a more restful night.

“Our commitment to promoting a good night’s sleep goes beyond providing quality mattresses; it extends to crafting magical moments that significantly contribute to the overall well-being of families.”

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