Independent giftware and candle shop shifts focus to flooring

Independent gift shop and candle retailer Bubblelush Divine Gifts has confirmed it is closing the curtain on the giftware business and focusing solely on carpets.

The business, which is situated on Carlton Hill in Carlton, Nottingham, has been trading for 12 years but has decided to shift its focus due to its current model “no longer viable”.

The shop will remain at the same location but will only sell carpets and flooring, with the owner having around 40 years experiencing in the flooring industry.

In a statement, the business said: “After 12 years of Bubblelush (nearly 11 years here on Carlton Hill) it’s time to say goodbye. We have had a blast, meeting all our customers, some now are very good friends, but all things must come to an end sometime.

“After careful consideration and with increases in prices across the board, it’s not now viable to continue as a candle and gift specialist. We are not leaving the shop though, as Andrew will be turning it into a specialised Carpet & Flooring showroom.

“We may even be able to find space at the back for a little bit of Candle stock & gifts for those special occasions. So onwards and upwards – we look forward to seeing you over the coming weeks -hopefully you will find your favourite fragrance before we go. Thank you for all the good times.”

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