IKEA to host first ever car boot sale in UK

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has announced plans to host a car boot sale at its Milton Keynes store.

The car boot is aimed to help customers in prolonging the life of their used home furnishing goods, and forms part of its wider strategy to be climate positive by 2030.

The new (for IKEA) event will take place from 2–3 September 2023 and if the pilot is a success, IKEA plans to rollout more car boots across its store car parks in the UK during 2024.

The event, which is free to attend, will solely be focussed on second-hand home furnishings and is not directed at traders or businesses, with sellers also having to be over 18 years of age.

Commenting ahead of the event, IKEA Milton Keynes said that it is “excited” to be hosting the “first event of its kind for IKEA” and are “proud to be getting the local community together”.

The car boot event adds to IKEA’s circularity focus, where in 2021, the business launched the circular hub as part of its commitment to becoming climate positive by 2030.

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