IKEA owner to focus on free assembly parts during Black Friday

This Black Friday, Ingka Group, the largest IKEA retailer, will highlight and focus on its free Assembly parts in the store and online service.

The new campaign will highlight products and assembly parts services from the IKEA circular services offer, with the aim of inspiring customers to upgrade or repair their furniture instead of replacing it, therefore saving money, and reducing waste. 

The new campaign focus will build on the ‘Keep good things going’ campaign launched in May 2023, which highlighted the IKEA Buy Back Service and the As-Is areas and also included some countries holding Flea Market events outside stores.​

Since launching its first Buyback campaign in 2020, Ingka Group has seen over 736´000 items of furniture brought back to its stores. During the Black Friday week there will also be a small selection of offers for IKEA Family members, highlighting affordable offers, products and services that can help them save money and energy. 

Karen Pflug, CSO, Ingka Group, said: “We are proud of the previous campaigns we have run since 2020 and this campaign is another opportunity for us to inspire and raise awareness of these services, which we offer all year round. Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Dowels, and fittings – we offer more than 4000 free assembly parts, supporting customers to upgrade or repair pieces of furniture.

“The assembly parts service is now available online and last year 1.8 million customers used this fully rolled out service with 21.9 million spare parts provided – but for most of IKEAs 900 million annual customers the service is a yet to be discovered benefit.”

Ingka Group has rolled out the assembly parts online service in 28 of its IKEA Retail countries. Customers could access assembly parts in the IKEA stores and through customer service previously, the online self-service brings great convenience to customers. With its customers continuing to face challenges to household finances, IKEA believes it is the right moment to broadly communicate the assembly parts online service and raise awareness, so customers know about this option.

“We have seen from our previous research that 89% of customers at least sometimes repair household products. But the number has been decreasing since 2021 with the biggest barrier for people being the lack of knowledge and services, followed by cost and time.¹ Our service is easy and simple for our customers to keep IKEA products in shape – whether it is a bookshelf they bought second hand or if they lost a bag of nuts and bolts after disassembling an item to move house,” concludes Karen.

Ingka Group continues to explore how to best reach its ambition to become a circular business and is testing a range of solutions. These solutions include repurposing As-Is areas, where, as well as continuing to be able to pick up products at a lower price, there are secondhand products, and information about maintaining, cleaning or personalising IKEA products. 

Buyback services continue to be available for customers all year round in 31 countries, allowing customers the opportunity to pass on and give their furniture a second life. 

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