Homeware high street sales return to growth in late September

Homeware sales returned to positive growth on the high street, while footfall experienced a moderate uptick.

According to the latest BDO High Street Sales Tracker, total like-for-like (LFL) sales rose by 5.51% for the week ending 24 September 2023.

Homeware total LFLs climbed by +7.14%, but failed to offset a negative base of -7.67% for the same week last year, denoting the category’s fifteenth positive result so far in 2023.

Store sales for homeware soared by +13.82% from a poor base of -0.14% for the same week last year, signifying the category’s thirtieth positive result so far in 2023.

Total in-store LFL sales sprang-up by +8.57% from a negative base of -0.35% for the same week last year. Total non-store LFL sales grew by +2.73% from a good base of +4.25%.

Commenting on the results, BDO said: “This week last year included a bank holiday marking Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which is somewhat reflected in the base results. This week’s total LFL sales were the highest in the last five weeks, thanks to strong store and positive non-store results, possibly enhanced by an onset of autumn season spending.

“This week witnessed Autumn conditions marked by chilly and wet weather with temperatures dropping to lower figures as well as heavy rainfall. During the same week last year, temperature levels dropped due to a flow of cold northerly winds across the UK.”

Overall footfall climbed this week by +5.5% compared to the equivalent week last year. Retail parks saw the largest footfall growth this week with an increase of +10.6%, followed by shopping centres with growth of +9.3%, while high street footfall saw very moderate growth of +1.2%.

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