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In the next part of our ongoing sustainable series, we take a deeper look at independent beds and mattresses retailer Land of Beds to see what they are doing in terms of sustainability.

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail, businesses are increasingly turning their attention to sustainability and green initiatives as a driving force for the future. Land of Beds, a prominent name in the world of bedding and furniture, is no exception. We recently had the opportunity to delve into Land of Bed’s journey towards sustainability, their goals for the future, and their recent accomplishments.

Land of Beds

Mike Murray, CEO, at Land of Beds said: “In a world where sustainability is no longer just a buzzword but a way of life, customers are more conscious than ever about the environmental impact of their purchases, and businesses are heeding this call for change.” Mike explained he has been working as part of the NBF Retail Advisory Forum in shaping extended producer responsibility (EPR) for the sector. “Working in conjunction with an all-party parliamentary group at the national government level, we are pioneering sustainable practices that span the entire supply chain. EPR initiatives include the implementation of waste prevention plans, adherence to eco-design regulations, and the development of product passports. These initiatives will ensure that all industry partners are committed to reducing their environmental footprint and minimising waste.”

Building a Sustainable Future, One Mattress at a Time

Mike shared: “At Land of Beds, we understand the vital role we play in safeguarding our planet and are committed to making a difference. Together with our customers who share our dedication to sustainability, we’re on a mission to reshape the way we sleep. We collaborate closely with supplier partners to develop exclusive products with sustainability as a key focus. From sourcing materials responsibly to implementing eco-friendly manufacturing processes and considering the end-of-life recycling of products, every step in the production cycle is geared towards environmental responsibility. These exclusive sustainable products are prominently featured both in-store and through various advertising channels, demonstrating our commitment to making eco-conscious choices accessible to consumers.” Mike continued, “These mattresses are not only comfortable but also environmentally responsible. It’s a choice that promises a good night’s sleep and a better future for our planet.”

A Sobering Reality

The environmental impact of discarded mattresses is a pressing concern. When they’re sent to landfills, they release toxic chemicals, destroy natural habitats, and pollute the environment. In the UK, approximately 4.75 million mattresses every year end up in landfills or are incinerated.

Taking the Old and Making It New

To address the challenge of mattress recycling, an issue that varies across different areas, Land of Beds has taken proactive steps. “When customers purchase a new bed from Land of Beds, they can opt for a convenient mattress removal and recycling service, available for a small fee. This service ensures that their old mattresses are responsibly disposed of, easing any environmental concerns.

Through a partnership with Bulky Bob’s, a third-party provider dedicated to ending furniture poverty, collected mattresses undergo a thorough assessment. If suitable, these mattresses are rejuvenated through Bob’s Ultraclean machine, a revolutionary technology that follows a rigorous seven-step cleaning process. This meticulous cleaning approach guarantees that all mattresses are hygienic and ready for reuse. In cases where recycling is the only option, Land of Beds handles this responsibly, prioritising their commitment to sustainability and contributing positively to the planet. Mike adds, “We believe in second chances, even for mattresses. By rejuvenating them through Bulky Bob’s, we are extending their lifespan and reducing the overall environmental impact.”

When Recycling is the Only Option

Sometimes, recycling is the most responsible path to take. “At Land of Beds, we handle this with the utmost care, always prioritising our commitment to sustainability and contributing positively to our planet.”

Pledge for Our Planet: A Call to Action

Mike added: “We understand that when it comes to mattress disposal, the challenges can vary greatly depending on where you live. As an industry, we need to stand behind the NBF’s industry-wide campaign, ‘Pledge for Our Planet,’ which aims to convince the government to put an end to the ‘postcode lottery’ of access to mattress recycling. We should be advocating for a nationwide mattress recycling initiative that will benefit us all. Together, we can build a brighter, greener tomorrow, one mattress at a time.”

Green Office Practice

Land of Beds commitment to sustainability isn’t just skin deep; it runs through the core of their operations as Land of Beds knows that sustainability begins at home. Their offices are a testament to this commitment.

– Energy Efficiency: The company has invested in energy-efficient lighting to reduce electricity consumption.

– Paperless Operations: Land of Beds encourages digital record-keeping and communication to minimise paper use.

– Recycling Programmes: They’ve implemented effective recycling programmes for paper, plastic, and electronics within the office.

– Employee Training: The company educates its staff on sustainability practices and involves them in decision-making regarding environmental initiatives.

– Remote Work: Remote work options are offered to reduce the need for commuting and office energy consumption.

– Encouraging Sustainable Commutes: To reduce the carbon footprint of our employees, we encourage carpooling and the use of public transportation. These practices lessen the environmental impact of daily commuting while fostering a culture of sustainability within the workforce.

Leading by Example

As Land of Beds look ahead to the future, the company is proactively setting environmental goals that will not only benefit the planet but also resonate with conscientious consumers. One aspect that Land of Beds is addressing is transportation efficiency. The company recognises that optimising transportation and logistics is a significant step towards reducing the carbon footprint of product delivery.

“We actively forge partnerships with third-party delivery companies that share our commitment to environmental sustainability,” Mike said. “When signing up with new delivery partners, the company places a strong emphasis on selecting those who are equally dedicated to making our planet greener. This collaborative effort ensures that the transportation aspect of their operations aligns with their eco-friendly values from start to finish. We are currently exploring the use of more fuel-efficient vehicles for our local transportation needs. By incorporating eco-friendly vehicles into our fleet, we aim to cut down on emissions and minimise our contribution to air pollution.”

By concentrating on more efficient in-house local deliveries, Land of Beds is not only taking significant steps to minimise its carbon footprint but is also actively engaging in creating a greener, more sustainable future. This commitment to environmentally responsible practices, both in-house and through strategic partnerships, is indicative of their proactive stance on environmental conservation.

As consumers increasingly demand eco-conscious choices, Land of Beds stands poised to meet those expectations and set a shining example in the retail industry. As Mike aptly said: “Sleep, after all, is better when it comes with a clean conscience.”

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