Feel Good and Do Good with a Shire Bed

Fara Butt, Director at Shire Beds, reflects on being named ‘Best Bed Supplier (Value Range)’ in the recent Big Furniture Awards, while sharing an insight into new product innovations and the appointment of its new COO.

Multi award winning bed manufacturer Shire Beds’ strength comes from its ability to respond with agility in ensuring it puts the retailer and their customer at the forefront of everything it does.

The appointment of Stuart Hibbert to the role of Chief Operating Officer in these circumstances demonstrates the ambition the company has to ensure it continues on its growth trajectory.

Stuart Hibbert, experienced in the industry, has hit the ground running. Working closely with Sajid Butt (MD), they initially rationalised then developed the range. The New Shire Beds ‘Generators’ products are proving hugely popular.

“The Ravello and Capri ranges are hand side stitched, tufted, pocket sprung ranges,” Fara said, continuing: “With the option of personalising with own brand labelling and point of sale, it has seen huge take up.

“The best-selling Artisan Range, particularly The Picasso – a cool blue gel encapsulated product, continues to lead the market in the encapsulated sector.

“The NBF Product of the Year Signature Collection of luxury high count pocket spring mattresses maintains good sales as an award winning product.”

Whilst most products have eco design principles at the heart of the product, Shire Beds’ EverLife range goes further, being made from recycled products and it is also recyclable at the end of its life.

“EverLife by Shire Beds offers comfort that Feels Good and Does Good. Launched in January 2023 it has seen significant interest and good sales,” Fara revealed. “Often sustainable products are at significantly higher price point. Shire Beds understands in challenging economic circumstances doing good should not be at a price.”

As a leading responsible and experienced manufacturer, Shire Beds believes in the circular economy model as a vital element to protecting the planet. Shire Beds employs ethical and sustainable practises and processes in its manufacturing. In line with this, Shire Beds has attained FSC certification as a company, and signed the NBF Pledge for the Planet to further its sustainability journey.

“Shire Beds’ EverLife sustainable range saves bottles from going to landfill and polluting the earth’s oceans. The range combines comfort and sustainability to give a restful night’s sleep. The EverLife soft touch sustainable fabric is made of 76% upcycled plastic bottles and is 95% recyclable at the end of the life of the mattress. It also uses eco clean chemical free FR,” Fara said.

“EverLife complements our biodegradable Heaven 7 range too. EverLife is available in 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 pocket spring models. The comfort layers as well as the insulator pads are also made of recycled materials and are recyclable or reusable at the end of life. Overall, it is one of the most sustainable mattresses on the market. With high specification and attractive pricing, it is gaining floor space quickly with retailers.

“We at Shire Beds are becoming a strong must have desirable brand in furniture retail that offers the retailer excellent sales opportunities. The quality offering in line with eco design principles has elevated The Shire Beds brand with a wider range of retailers.

“With the sustainable EverLife range, Shire Beds now has a growing range of sustainable products in our journey of carbon reduction and Net Zero. Join the Shire Beds Feel Good and Do Good movement.”


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