Exclusive Mammoth Originals launch for Fabb Furniture

Furniture retailer Fabb Furniture has announced that this week sees the launch of an exclusive new Mammoth mattress range that will be featured across its 21 UK stores.

“I am delighted to launch these amazing Mammoth Originals mattresses which are exclusive to Fabb Furniture, explains James Hollas, Senior Buyer, Fabb Furniture. “Alongside the Originals range, we are also launching the Mammoth pillow collection.

“Today’s customers are aware of how important a great night’s sleep is to their physical and mental well-being. The new Mammoth mattress range absolutely fills this need with its combination of medical grade foam which sits atop a sprung layer incorporating some of the most advanced spring technologies in the industry.

The collection of four Originals mattresses all feature Mammoth’s naturally cooling, top-grade foam which has been developed to reduce pain and accelerate recovery for patients. In sleep trials, participants reported falling asleep 29% quicker and having a 21% more enjoyable night’s sleep. In addition, the mattress inners are proven to offer 46% greater pressure relief and 69% faster cooling.

The official Mammoth Originals launch took place at the Airsprung factory in Trowbridge on Wednesday 19 July 2023. Bed Managers from every Fabb store got the chance to cast their eye over the new product range, which was introduced by Mammoth’s founder, John Tuton.

Also present was Managing Director of Mammoth UK, Mike Hobson, and Managing Director of Airsprung Beds, Paul Little, alongside Fabb Furniture’s CEO, Matt Hesketh, Fabb Sales Director, Keith Carl, and Senior Buyer, James Hollas.

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