Designing the outdoor furniture of tomorrow

Nova Outdoor Living has recently rebranded and with this has come a totally new ethos, new leadership, new strategy and new product design.

The brand has completely overhauled its product catalogue and plans to offer customers all new designs for 2025.

To achieve this, they have had in-house product designer Charlie Pritchard working around the clock to take NOVA’s concepts and turn them into a stylish reality. Working hand-in-hand with NOVA’s chosen factory partners in the Far East, the NOVA team has made over 100 new products ready to be sold to customers and displayed in their Experience Centre that opens in June.

In order to design what NOVA pledges are the best and most all-encompassing collections on the market, Charlie spends a lot of his time travelling the world, to places such as Germany, Italy, Holland, China and the USA to experience the latest trends in materials, colours and styles. He returns with plenty of concept ideas which he sketches out in several rounds of edits before 3D printing each design to further understand how each aspect comes together.

When asked what his favourite part about designing a product was, Charlie said: “I love bringing concepts to life and getting down with the engineering and functionality of the product from a consumer’s perspective.”

He added: “The hardest but most fulfilling part is coming up with the ideas that are beautiful in design but realistically fit within the market that the consumer will feel comfortable adding it to their garden.”

The rest of Europe is several years ahead of the UK in terms of garden furniture design, and some of these stunning designs would be too ‘“out there” for UK consumers at present. NOVA says it is a challenge to toe the line of being cutting edge enough to put them at the forefront of the market and still making UK consumers comfortable with their choice, but a challenge they embrace.

“Seeing my sketches become a reality is a surreal experience, one I’m not sure I’ll ever get bored of.” Charlie concluded.

Coming up with a new collection involves researching the outdoor market as a whole to recognise key trends. NOVA then identifies where they wish to penetrate the market on price-point and design to fit within this bracket. Creating customer profiles allows Nova to have a customer in their mind’s eye that they are designing for and evolve it from a single sketch to a whole family of products.

With the garden furniture industry seeing the COVID-19 effect come to an end, NOVA says designing fresh new takes on the classics is more important than ever before.

“It’s never been more important to get it right,” added a NOVA spokesperson. “Understanding consumer desires, trends and designs that fit with our ethos of the importance of making family memories outdoors, is the only way we can stay true to our core values and bring consumers designs good enough to add them to their garden.”

NOVA vows to continue developing its designs for years to come, with this initial wave of new products the first in a long list of ideas that plan to set NOVA apart.

NOVA is opening its experience centre in June where all of these products will be available to view. To reserve your slot and be one of the first people to view these exciting new collections, email the NOVA service team on today or scan the QR code below.

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