Burnley Football Club partners with Emma Sleep

Sleep brand, Emma — The Sleep Company, has been announced as the latest signing, and Official Sleep Partner, of Burnley FC, in a bid to help the newly promoted Premier League club achieve success and give players the extra edge on matchdays.

The partnership will involve the roll out of the Emma Sleep Consultancy programme for Burnley FC players, delivered by Emma’s in-house team of sleep experts.

Emma and Burnley FC will also host seven different in-stadium activities during the upcoming season, as well as interactive initiatives across the Burnley region that will help transform the sleep of the entire town.

Kicking off ahead of the 2023/24 season, Emma’s bespoke Sleep Consultancy for players will include team workshops, one-on-one sessions and ongoing support from Emma’s Sleep Experts, as well as a detailed analysis of each player’s sleep quality, chronobiology, performance, and well-being to create individual sleep profiles and action plans that will ensure the team is truly awakening its best.

Heading up Emma’s Sleep Consultancy programme is psychologist and sleep expert, Theresa Schnorbach, who said: “Good sleep is absolutely crucial for living a healthy and happy life and when it comes to professional sports, it could even be the determining factor between winning and losing.

“With Emma’s sleep consultancy programme, our goal is to use the power of sleep to maximise Burnley’s performance and ensure they’re at the top of their game throughout the season, as well as educating the wider community on the benefits of a great night’s sleep.”

Mark Thompson, Chief Commercial Officer at Burnley FC, added: “We’re thrilled to team up with Emma – The Sleep Company as our Official Sleep Partner. As a football club, it’s important to us to form meaningful partnerships with football centricity at the heart.

“Success for our teams and players is always at the forefront of our thinking, which makes our relationship with Emma, as one of the world’s leading sleep brands, the perfect fit. We look forward to working closely with the innovative and dynamic Emma team and developing the partnership over the course of the season.”

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