Birlea’s Journey to JFS

Michael Prime, Marketing Manager at Birlea Furniture, shares some highlights of the last year, as well as what to expect to see from the business at this month’s January Furniture Show.

What is Birlea most looking forward to at JFS?

“The anticipation is building, and we can hardly contain our excitement for the January Furniture Show. What tops our list of things to look forward to? It has to be the unveiling of our brand-new collections. These creations embody our passion and innovative design ethos, and we believe they’ll set the trend for the year ahead. Witnessing the reactions of our valued customers and industry peers to these latest designs is always a highlight for us.

“But that’s not all; networking is another essential aspect we’re eagerly anticipating. This show provides a unique opportunity to connect with fellow industry professionals—retailers, designers, and thought leaders—who share our dedication to quality and design.

“Lastly, the show serves as a fantastic stage for enhancing our brand’s visibility. It allows us to share our story, our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and our journey as a company with a wider audience. These moments of direct engagement with our customers and the industry help us solidify our position in the market and continue to grow as a brand.”

Can you share some highlights from the past year?

“The past year has been nothing short of remarkable for Birlea Furniture. We were honoured to receive the prestigious ‘Best Children’s Furniture Supplier 2023’ award for our innovative ‘Kids Furniture.’ This recognition reflects our commitment to creating functional and enchanting furniture for children’s rooms.

“One of the most enchanting milestones of the year was the launch of our Disney home product line. This magical collection has allowed us to bring a touch of Disney magic into homes across the nation. Our collaboration with Disney has been a dream come true, combining Birlea Furniture’s signature quality and comfort with the timeless appeal of Disney’s characters and stories. From beautifully themed children’s beds to accent pieces for Disney-loving adults, the response to this line has been overwhelmingly positive.”

What will be on show during JFS?

“At the upcoming January Furniture Show, Birlea Furniture is thrilled to present a diverse and innovative selection of products that we believe will captivate our customers and seamlessly fit into a variety of living spaces.

“We’ll be showcasing our latest designs in beds, where comfort meets style. Our new bed range incorporates cutting-edge features and the highest quality materials to cater to a spectrum of aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

“Our bedroom collections are meticulously crafted to combine durability with elegance, ensuring they stand the test of time both in style and structure.

“For families and children’s spaces, we are excited to introduce a line of fantastic, designed kids’ beds. These are not merely for restful sleep but are crafted to spark joy and imagination, transforming bedrooms into realms of adventure and wonder.

“Recognising the need for flexible living solutions, we’re also featuring a variety of sofa beds. These pieces are designed for dual functionality, offering the comfort of a traditional sofa with the convenience of a fold-out bed, perfect for guests or smaller living areas.

“To complement our range of beds, we’re offering a new collection of SleepSoul pillows and mattresses. These products are the result of extensive research and development, designed to provide the best in comfort technology for a restful night’s sleep.

“And that’s just a glimpse of what we have in store. Each piece we’re bringing to the show reflects our commitment to quality, comfort, and innovative design. We can’t wait for visitors to experience our new collections in person and discover the full range and versatility of Birlea Furniture’s offerings in hall 5, stand B30.”

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