Bensons launches new Naturals by Slumberland range

Bed and mattress retailer Bensons for Beds has announced the launch of its new Naturals by Slumberland range, geared towards offering a eco-alternative for shoppers.

The range, which offers three mattresses, all feature “the very best materials from nature”, including wool for comfort in all seasons or latex for ultimate pressure relief.

Other materials used include organic cotton, which is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) approved, to provide one of the softest, most breathable fibres for luxurious comfort. Organic flax, also GOTS approved, which is known for its anti-bacterial, breathable and hypoallergenic qualities also helps regulate temperature for reduced humidity and moisture.

“With consumers looking to make eco-conscious decisions in all aspects of their lives choosing to go eco-friendly with your mattress is an excellent way to reduce waste whilst still indulging in a fantastic night’s sleep,” Bensons said. “Made using a blend of recycled, natural and organic materials, Bensons’ new Naturals by Slumberland range is handmade to order for an environmentally-friendly, yet luxuriously comfortable night’s sleep.”

Other natural materials in the Naturals by Slumberland range include Tencel, which is “super soft to the touch and gentle on the skin”. It’s made from sustainably sourced natural raw wood materials, which is chipped and pulped, and then weaved into fibres, making it 50% more absorbent than cotton.

There’s also Latex, sourced from rubber trees using a sustainable ‘tapping’ process, and renowned for its elasticity and support, adapting to the sleeper’s body contours, promoting spinal alignment and a comfortable sleeping position. Bamboo is also used in the range, and is known for its hypoallergenic properties – creating a micro-climate that encourages warmth yet breathability.

The Naturals by Slumberland range of mattresses all feature a combination of both premium pocket springs and micro pocket springs, designed to adapt individually to body movement for superior responsive support. Reinforced edge support provides added durability, reduces roll-off and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress.

The Truecomfort stretch-knit sleep surface, which provides a quilted mattress surface for cushioned, breathable comfort, comprises of 75% recycled polymers (PET plastics) which help reduce plastic waste reaching landfill and our oceans.

Scott Witherall, Product Development Manager, at Bensons for Beds comments: “We’re thrilled to introduce the Naturals by Slumberland mattress range. We know that shoppers are actively looking for products which help them lessen their impact on the environment, and we wanted to develop a mattress range which not only includes a plant-based option, but is crafted using carefully selected natural and organic materials that help to create the perfect sleep conditions. The Naturals by Slumberland range does just that – and means we can offer Bensons’ customers a truly comfortable and responsible sleep solution.”

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