Bensons for Beds launches new ‘Flip by Slumberland’

Beds retailer Bensons for Beds has announced the launch of its new teenager focussed 2-in-1 mattress, ‘Flip by Slumberland’.

Sleep experts at Bensons for Beds have created a unique 2-in-1 mattress – Flip by Slumberland – that ensures growing adolescents get a better quality of sleep because it provides different support needs for their growing bodies.

According to Bensons sleep expert Dr Sophie Bostock, the new mattress is softer on one side for when kids are smaller and firmer on the other side for when they’re bigger. By ‘flipping’ the mattress at the right time in their growth, it helps parents ensure their children get the right support as they develop throughout their teenage years, while also providing better value than investing in two separate mattresses as children grow.

The mattress has been developed by new technology created by Bensons’ Cambridgeshire manufacturing centre in Huntingdon.

At the heart of the mattress is an innovative variable support spring system featuring springs that have a different resistance either end, enabling different levels of support and comfort on either side of the mattress.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health shows a typical boy aged 11 to 18 grows by almost 50 per cent in height and nearly doubles in weight during that period. While the change in girls’ growth and weight are less dramatic, the weight of their bodies rises by approximately 60 per cent over the same period, meaning this mattress is just as suitable for them too.

Flip by Slumberland is the first mattress in the UK to address the challenge in this way, providing a 2-in-1 mattress with differing levels of firmness during this dramatic growth period.

Lara Purcell, marketing and innovation director at Bensons for Beds said: “Flip by Slumberland provides the correct comfort and support so children get the refreshing and restorative sleep that’s absolutely fundamental to their physical and mental wellbeing.

“What’s more it gives parents real peace of mind that they’re truly looking after their children’s sleep needs.”

In a recent survey commissioned by Bensons, more than eight in ten of those asked admitted to not having their kids’ growth in mind when buying a mattress, and 36 per cent said their child’s mattress simply came when the bed frame was purchased. However, a huge 85 per cent understood that as children grow, their mattress needs change. 

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