Bensons for Beds launches new 2-in-1 mattress

Nationwide sleep experts Bensons for Beds has announced the launch of ‘Duo by Slumberland’, an innovative new 2-in-1 mattress.

The mattress, which is double-sided, has a spring/summer side featuring cool-touch fabric, SensICE, to draw heat away from the body and stay cool during the warmer nights.  The autumn/winter side features a ‘teddy bear’ fabric, plus wool, to help insulate the body and keep cosy during the cooler nights.

Duo by Slumberland is another innovative sleep solution produced at Bensons’ Cambridgeshire manufacturing centre. With an eight-year guarantee, Duo by Slumberland takes advantage of Huntingdon’s prestigious BSI kitemark for craftmanship,

Duo is also backed by Slumberland’s 100-plus years of sleep heritage and joins other recent innovative launches such as its 2-in-1 Flip by Slumberland mattress that is specially designed for growing teens.

Duo by Slumberland also comes with significant eco credentials. It has an under-layer made with 91 per cent recycled filling – the equivalent of over 100 plastic bottles in a double mattress and 120 bottles in a king size mattress.

Bensons sleep expert Dr Sophie Bostock said: “Our body temperature cycles naturally every 24 hours, peaking at about 4pm and dipping at about 4am. A fall in body temperature of about 0.5-1C helps us to get into a deep sleep – which is why heatwaves or keeping the heating on all night in a well-insulated room, can cause havoc for sleep.

“There is lots of individual variation in preference for temperature at night, but a room temperature around 18C, slightly cooler than usual room temperature, will help the body to cool naturally.

“Alongside the Duo mattress Bensons for Beds is also launching a new all-seasons duvet. This 3-in-1 duvet contains a 4.5 tog for warmer nights, a 9.0 tog for cooler nights, or can be combined to create a 13.5 tog for the coldest of nights.”

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