Bed brand expands further with new store in Portugal

Bed brand Sleep.8 has announced the launch of its latest store in Europe as it continues to expand its presence.

Building upon the momentum of its recently opened stores in prime retail locations in Britain, Portugal, Africa, and Spain, smart sleep and specialist mattress brand Sleep.8 has launched in Portugal’s Ferrara Plaza.

The new store is the brand’s most advanced Sleep.8 store to date, with a new conceptual store design that aims to conjure a superior sensory well-being experience for customers, capitalising upon its floor space.

The Ferrara Plaza store has been designed to be accessible, with wide aisles and wheelchair-friendly access. The single-floor layout ensures ease of navigation, allowing all customers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

The ‘Mattress Zone’ allows for a comfortable and thorough mattress testing experience, while the comprehensive ‘Pillow Bar’ offers explanations on the special adaptations of over 16 varieties of pillows for different kinds of sleepers. The ‘Tailored For You’ area allows customers to choose fabrics and colours for their made-to-order items, and consult with Sleep.8 staff members on finding their ideal match.

Catarina Nora – Country Manager, Portugal, said: “Our mission is to provide our customers with 8 hours of quality sleep, and we believe that our people are the foundation of our brand.

“Since day one, we have invested not only in innovative, quality products but also in our teams, their happiness, and their continued growth. Each employee is a unique and important part of the engine that drives our brand’s results. I am proud to be part of this family and to contribute to its growth by opening this new store.”

Sleep.8 previously announced the launch of its first-ever store outside of Europe, situated in the vibrant city of Dakar, Senegal.

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