Are you in the Protect-A-Bed Platinum Club?

Gowsh Shan, National Sales Manager at global mattress protection specialist Protect-A-Bed, talks about why their Platinum Club is a big hit with retailers.

The Platinum Club is an exclusive bespoke reward system that offers Protect-A-Bed customers an extra level of support, which is geared to help retailers deliver results. Running for consistently for several years now, the Platinum Club has delivered such results, with both existing and new partners benefiting from the focused approach.

“The Platinum Club has been designed to build, recognise and reward success with unique promotional and discount opportunities, sponsored incentives, tailored POS solutions as well as membership rewards,” said Gowsh.

“The Platinum Club has been extremely successful since its creation. We continuously build frameworks that are simple for retailers to implement in order to achieve extremely high sales within the category. We create energy and excitement in a category often overlooked and our ability to turn this into sales growth is phenomenal.”

The success of their Platinum Club rewards programme has been very positive and with the Bed Show next month, Protect-A-Bed will reinforce this message to customers visiting their stand. But that’s not all, as Gowsh continued: “Protect-A-Bed’s ability to upskill your team and increase your sales revenue by maximising every sales opportunity has been well documented.

“We can manage every step of the process for you and build a reward scheme through The Protect-A-Bed Platinum Club. There is nothing to be lost and everything to be gained. Visit our stand at The Bed Show 2023 this September for exclusive Platinum Club offers and to see our advanced therapeutics range.”

After a very strong 2022, and a positive year so far during 2023, Protect-A-Bed, which is carried in nearly 15,000 stores worldwide and trusted by millions of people to provide a clean, safe and comfortable sleep environment, has seen its success driven by their customer focus approach.

With the cost-of-living crisis and the recent obstacle of challenges that impact footfall and spend, consumers are being ever-savvier on their shopping habits. This means the focus has never been more important on each customer who walks through the shop door to maximise every sale opportunity and to also increase the average order value.

To do this, Protect-A-Bed, which has been established for over 40 years and operates across 45 countries, are constantly looking to help drive sales for all of its retail partners through its product innovations and expertise in the mattress protection space.

“Product innovation is one small element of how we unlock greater sales for our partners,” Gowsh said. “The Therapeutics range, featuring Copper, Graphene and Charcoal mattress protectors have already been a great success. Supporting our innovative mattress protectors is our specialist sales training, which is vital to unlock the sales potential. Our Protect-A-Bed team are incredibly adaptive to support this in any retail environment, driving attachment rates to over 70%.

“Our specialty is driving in-store performance, so linked mattress and mattress protector sales are extremely high. The customer benefits from a healthy and hygienic sleep zone while the store benefits from increased sales revenue. Every customer who walks through the door, if buying a mattress, needs to buy a mattress protector. It’s in their interest to do so for many reasons.”

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