Architect launches new furniture brand

London-based award-winning architect Amos Goldreich has announced the launch of his new furniture brand, Tamart.

In honour of his late parents, the modernist architects and polymaths, Tamar de Shalit (1932–2009) and Arthur Goldreich (1929–2011), Tamart officially launched with a showcase exhibition entitled Tamart: Powered by Love during Milan Design Week.

Drawn from an archive of over 10,000 original plans, photographs, documents, and prototypes that Goldreich unexpectedly unearthed and catalogued after his parents’ passing, Tamart – (the word derived from the union of Tamar and Arthur’s names) becomes a new chapter in the legacy of de Shalit and Goldreich.

In celebration of their layered creative partnership and romantic love story Tamart is an expression of their synergistic and multi-disciplinary achievements across architecture, art, graphic, and industrial design as well as textiles, fashion, jewellery, set and costume design for theatre.

Tamart is also an expression of Amos Goldreich’s own journey of exploring his parents’ archive and then, as the brand’s creative director, contemporising their designs to give them a new relevance in the present.

Debuting with an initial offering of 10 reimagined mid-century products, each piece exemplifies de Shalit and Goldreich’s compelling and timeless approach to design: connecting the present with the indelible mark they left on the modernist design scene.

Amos Goldreich commented: “Tamart embodies both heritage and contemporaneity — a fusion I like to call contemporary heritage. Exploring my parents’ archive has been an enlightening journey, revealing the subconscious influence on my architectural preferences.

“The furniture we’re introducing reflects their modernist ethos infused with warmth and a profound appreciation for humanity. Using natural, sustainable materials honours their authenticity and integrity. Giving their work a new life brings me immense joy — I know they would have embraced it wholeheartedly.”

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