Almost 500 new furnishing businesses registered in May

Last month saw 125 new furniture and carpet retailer incorporations on Companies House, while new manufacturer registrations represented 110.

According to the latest new company listings data for May 2024 via Companies House, furniture retail and lighting incorporations stood at 95, while carpet and floor coverings retail filings resulted at 30.

Furniture manufacturer registrations, which includes codes for the manufacture of kitchen, office, shop and other furniture such as upholstery, totalled 80, with carpet manufacturer incorporations at four. Floor and wall covering filings resulted at 67, while there were two wallpaper manufacturer registrations.

New companies for the manufacture of mattresses saw four filings, while the soft furnishings sector had 20 registrations.

Wholesale of furniture, carpet and lighting incorporations stood at 40, while filings for agents involved in the sale of furniture and household goods registered 124. Furniture repair filings resulted at 22.

In total, May saw 488 new company incorporations across the furnishing industry.

For the full list of each company name, address, incorporation details, date and code, download our easy-to-use spreadsheet.

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