Accounting and Bookkeeping made easy with FurnitureBooks

Maria Ayley, Implementation Manager at FurnitureBooks, talks about how RetailSystem integrates directly with QuickBooks online.

To get straight to the point, the RetailSystem integration is instant and seamless, managing, in real time, all customer transactions and payments, as well as providing a full customer ledger on FurnitureBooks. The integration also creates entries just as they would be if entered manually, no shortcuts, uploading or downloading. “This means a huge time saving for our users, and vastly increased levels of accuracy as no re-keying into the accounts system is necessary,” explains Maria.

In fact, there are so many benefits, including the transfer of financial information between the RetailSystem EPOS and FurnitureBooks – all done seamlessly, saving in accounting and bookkeeping functions, and of course effort and time.

Powered by QuickBooks Online, the world’s number one online account software, which is used by 4.3 million global subscribers, the FurnitureBooks tool helps track VAT automatically, as well as income and profit through plenty of reports. Furthermore, it allows users to run their business anytime, anywhere and on any device. Making it easier to maintain financial control than ever before with real-time financial data and reports, the RetailSystem integration provides that and more.

“Payments taken from customers are also passed into FurnitureBooks from RetailSystem, and configured to match with the way the retailer receives them into their bank account,” Maria said, continuing: “Again, this allows proper reconciliation of customers’ monies as they are received, and highlights any discrepancies between entries in RetailSystem, and actual bankings.

“Supplier invoices are entered onto RetailSystem, allowing correct validation of costings on purchase orders, which – again – pass in real time, so creditor payments can be efficiently handled, and duplications/mistakes avoided.”

FurnitureBooks allows the user to link to their bank/credit card and PayPal accounts, and then imports the transactions in real time – automatically, then looking to reconcile and match these, further boosting efficiency and the ability to identify anything not accounted for.

“Like RetailSystem, FurnitureBooks can be accessed from any device, anywhere, that has an internet connection,” Maria added. The VAT functionality is very simple and also intuitive to use too, as Maria explains: “Returns are submitted directly from the software and HMRC receipt is instantly provided. The VAT Audit checker allows the user to make spot checks within the return to be submitted on transactions that FurnitureBooks sees as possible issues or anomalies – such as duplications.

“FurnitureBooks is easy to use, and very intuitive, as well as being very forgiving when entries need to be changed or deleted, whilst capturing a full audit trail of every change or deletion that can be accessed and interrogated in the event of a query.

“All in all, this integration is a huge timesaver for our clients, and removes the ‘mystery’ around the recording of the necessary accounting transactions, many of which are created automatically. This allows the business owner to keep control of their finances and cashflow, whilst also allowing their professional adviser ongoing access to be able to advise them as needed.”

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