A Letter from China: Being a specialist

Paul Wray, Managing Director of Furntec Ltd and Modern Outlook Furniture, shares an insight into vetting, experience and his knowledge of the Chinese furniture landscape.

Choosing a specialism in business may seem limiting but in many cases having a niche offers many benefits. Sometimes I receive inquiries which are outside of my area of expertise, and here’s why I don’t deviate from it:

1 – Vetting

In China there are 50,000+ furniture manufacturers each with varying ethics and standards.

I work incredibly hard to discover and vet new manufacturers.

In addition to this, I spend a considerable amount of time maintaining relationships with existing manufacturers to ensure our clients receive quality product, on time and in full.

2 – Experience

Working in product development and manufacturing in the furniture industry for decades means I have seen almost every mistake that can be made.

I understand which areas need special attention, I understand realistic lead times, I understand what can go wrong in transit.

Understanding what can go wrong, means knowledge of prevention, which is where I add value to my clients.

3 – Knowledge

Having a good general knowledge of the industry is vital to securing the best pricing and service for customers.

I’m able to advise my clients on cost savings without compromise and where money can be spent effectively to meet their business goals.

I personally choose to stick to my area of expertise because it means we can GUARANTEE a certain level of service and quality.

It means we can tap into knowledge and experience which is industry specific.

While sticking to a niche can seem limiting, it means you can utilise your time best to add the most value to your clients.

Modern Outlook Furniture assists businesses of all sizes in procurement from China at any stage of your project. If you would like a no obligation conversation about how we can assist you and help you avoid any costly issues or nasty surprises, please do get in touch.



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