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Nick Mizin, Sales Manager at FurnitureTexts, talks about the effectiveness of text marketing and why your business needs to do it.

How often do you check your mobile phone? Research suggests that, on average, people check their phones 58 times per day. These include social browsing, shopping, answering emails, making calls and reading text messages. With regards to the latter, and on a global scale, around five billion send and receive text messages every day.

Furthermore, 95% of texts will be read in less than three minutes after being sent. This is all geared towards a marketing strategy that can be a powerful tool. Text marketing.

A mobile phone has become an integral accessory and it could be argued that they are the 207th bone in the body, albeit in a pocket rather than under the skin. The point is, utilising the handheld device as part of an effective marketing strategy should be incorporated into every business’ plan.

Why? A text message directly reaches out and interacts with your customer. It can work hand-in-hand alongside other strategies too, such as social media and email. The difference is, a text connects in real time. In fact, 91% of people are interested in signing up for text message marketing, which the strategy, on average, achieves an open rate of 98% and a click-through rate of 35%.

“These days, consumers are constantly bombarded with social alerts from friends, family and work,” explains Nick Mizin, Sales Manager at FurnitureTexts. “Because of these disruptions, many disable notifications for email and other social networks. So, if you want to market in real time, you need to send a text message.”

FurnitureTexts, a solution delivered by cloud-based software specialist for furniture and bed retailers, RetailSystem, provides the service through its ‘Text Campaigns’, which only takes a few minutes to set up.

“For many of your customers, text marketing is a preferred method of communication,” Nick said. “From our knowledge and experience, we know they will actually enjoy it more than a cold call or email. You’ll be bypassing the email spam filter black hole too and are guaranteed a high open rate.

“To setup a Text Campaign only takes a few moments with the RetailSystem ‘step by step’ guide. You can filter targeted customers and schedule the campaign to send at a chosen time, to suit your customers time zones.

“FurnitureTexts are also fully GDPR compliant and customers are able to manage their marketing database, provide a customisable opt out link to keep their data up-to-date too.”

How to get started?

FurnitureTexts says the process is simple and easy to get started with in just four short steps, which is available on their EPOS dashboard. The guide walks you through creating a template as well as sending a test message to see what the final result would look like. Once the campaign is complete, there is a function to schedule the promotion, which is completely free. “You will only be charged once a promotion is sent out,” Nick said.

“The response rate to mobile marketing is, on average, an incredible seven times higher than traditional marketing methods. Using text messages is one of the most effective mediums to promote your business in today’s consumer driven market. We’re here to help guide you and turn your texts into a powerful marketing tool.”

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