World’s first bed making machine video goes viral

Bed and mattress manufacturer Silentnight has gone viral after the world’s first bed making machine video ramped up over 156 million social views overnight.

Sleep experts at Silentnight have partnered with inventor and social media star, @josephsmachines to create the first ever bed-making machine.

Joseph recently unveiled the contraption to his millions of followers in a now viral video and viewers have flooded to the comments to celebrate the innovation.

One joked that the intricate contraption is ‘only a tad more complicated than actually putting on a fitted sheet,’ while others remarked ‘I would pay a lot of money for this’ and ‘This is the type of Modern Art I have time for!!! Beautiful’.

Jason Mcilvenny, Head of Brand at Silentnight, said: “We know how much the nation loves their bed and there’s nothing better than that fresh sheet feeling to help you drift off to sleep, but actually changing the sheets and making the bed is far from anyone’s favourite pastime!

“We’re always looking for ways to innovate, which is why we challenged Joseph to create the world’s first bed making machine. While we can’t promise everyone will be able to recreate Joseph’s contraption at home, we would encourage everyone to try their hand at building a good bedtime routine to help ensure they are getting the vital rest they need.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it here.

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