Who’s the market leader within home furnishings?

According to a new report, furniture retailer IKEA is the most prominent brand within the home furnishings sector for 2024.

Salience Search Marketing‘s annual supplements sector report uncovers the industry’s leaders based on their online prominence and visibility. The report analysed 11 crucial performance indicators, including year-on-year visibility, search volume trends, and brand awareness, for home furnishings brands to reveal the industry’s most successful names. The full report is available to view here

Home Furnishings Brand Market Leaders 

The report identifies market leaders in the home furnishings industry based on consumer familiarity with the brand through online searches or social media interactions. By merging branded search metrics with social media performance, the report determines which brands stand out across various channels, offering insights into their overall prominence in the market.

RankHome Furnishings BrandMonthly Brand SearchesOwned Social Score
5La Redoute201,0007,652
6The White Company368,0001,857
10West Elm60,5002,414

At the top of the charts, Ikea was revealed as the most prominent leader in the home furnishings market. With 3.35 million monthly brand searches, the Swedish brand is known all around the world and boasts an impressive social score of 65,312. Their social following is massive, with 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Next leads in monthly searches (7.48 million each month) indicating high consumer interest in the brand and its products. With a social score of 9,807, Next has 271,000 Twitter followers and 3.3 million on Facebook.

Wayfair is another popular brand in the home furnishings industry this year with a social score of 17,713. The brand experiences 1 million searches each month on average and has an impressive following on Facebook with 7.9 million followers. 

Moving on, another prominent brand in the sector is Dunelm with 3.35 million monthly searches and a social score of 2,377. The brand has a combined 1.7 million followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With 3.5 million Facebook followers, La Redoute has great online reach and a search volume of 201,000 with a social score of 7,652.

Known for its range of homeware and luxury clothing, The White Company proved prominent this year with 368,000 brand searches each month. The brand has 1 million followers on Instagram and an owned social score of 1,857.

With 110,000 monthly searches, Made has a steady online presence compared to competitors. The brand also has an impressive following on Facebook (1.8 million) and Instagram (1.4 million) with a social score of 5,053.

Famous for its huge variety of sofas, DFS receives 673,000 monthly searches. However, with an owned social score of 479, the brand could improve further by increasing its online following.

Additionally, Habitat experiences 201,000 monthly searches while West Elm receives 60,500 on average. Despite lower search volume, West Elm has a higher social score (2,414) than Habitat (1,147).

Brett Janes, managing director at Salience Search Marketing, said: “Through analysis of monthly brand searches and social media followings, it’s clear that the home furnishings industry remains extremely popular among consumers. 

“With so many unique brands to choose from, these companies must implement and stick to a thought-out strategy that boosts awareness of their brand. This year, it’s no surprise to see Ikea rank high, with the Swedish brand being a go-to name for homeware.

“The importance of a strong social following and overall online presence should never be underestimated in a competitive industry such as the home furnishings sector.”

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