Wayfair launches new virtual room styler tool

Global online home furnishings retailer Wayfair Inc. has announced the launch of Decorify, a new generative AI tool.

In this pilot application, Decorify uses a generative AI model that creates shoppable, photorealistic images to enable consumers to envision their own homes in new styles by simply uploading a picture of their space.

Customers are invited to upload an image of their own space and prompt the system to reimagine it in a different style.

Whether it be bohemian, mid-century modern, industrial, or more, Decorify presents images of the customer’s own room redesigned to reflect the requested look and feel. Customers can browse various room designs and products and make purchases from Wayfair directly from the application.

“Anything we develop or deploy for our customers, including GenAI, must support our mission to help everyone, anywhere create their feeling of home,” said Wayfair Chief Technology Officer Fiona Tan. “Viewing generative AI through this pragmatic lens enables us to prioritize where and when we deploy development resources and ensure applications like Decorify delight our customers.”

Shoppers who use Decorify can upload unlimited photos and delete them at any time, while also being able to use the platform on mobile or desktop.

“Leveraging generative AI technologies, Decorify creates a discovery experience that provides endless inspiration and powers the home personalization journey,” said Shrenik Sadalgi, director of research and development at Wayfair. “Decorify is the latest example from Wayfair Next of how we use visual inspiration, such as 3D, Spatial Computing and now Generative AI, to create unique, novel and functional customer experiences.”

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