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Bilkis Patel, Director at Vogue Beds, invites customers to its ‘At Home Show’ while sharing an insight into the company.

Beds and mattresses manufacturer Vogue Beds has delivered a strong start to 2024 following a positive January Furniture Show, maintaining momentum from last year’s growth. Now, the business is busy investing in its Barwell, just outside Leicester, factory and HQ in preparation for its ‘At Home Show’ later this year.

“After a successful 2023 full of growth for Vogue, we are spending and investing in projects around our factory, upgrading our offices and creating an open plan office for our team alongside major factory upgrades,” said Bilkis Patel, Director at Vogue Beds.

“We are having a ‘At Home Show’ here at the Vogue HQ for the entire month of May where you can visit our factory and showroom, meet the team and stay over and be taken care of by Vogue.”

Bilkis added that any orders taken during the ‘At Home Show’ will receive a FREE mattress with a RRP of £499 too. The month-long event at its 60,000sq ft centre of manufacturing excellence will see Vogue display recent product innovations, while allowing visitors to experience the full breadth of its offering. The factory now also features its own photography studio, research and development area and Factory Direct shop too.

A bit about Vogue

Ahead of visiting, Bilkis is keen to share some history of the company with the factory they operate from was previously one of George Wards shoe factories, one of the UK’s largest shoe and boot manufacturers. Some of G Ward’s Companies Ledgers books from the 1920’s can still be viewed in the factory today.

“The Vogue Beds Group started to repurpose the factory in 1993 and have continuously improved and worked on the site for it to become 60,000sqft centre of manufacturing excellence it is today,” Bilkis said.

“The founder of the Vogue Bed Group, Ebrahim Patel – also my father, has spent all his working life in the bed and mattress industry. He became president of the National Bed Federation 2015 and still sits on its board to date. We’re very much a family business and we also have many members of the manufacturing team that have been with us for over 20 years. We like to think we have done a lot in the last 30 years, but most importantly helped over a million people get a good night’s sleep.”

Vogue has been constantly innovating with different products and ideas ever since the inception of the business, from mattresses to all types of bed bases and headboards. “We wanted to create a one stop for our customers, creating the opportunity to have a variety of mattress ranges from your traditional mattress to an eco-friendly sustainable range,” Bilkis continued.

“We also manufacture our own fabric bedsteads and bedframes available in 28 fabric options and recently started a new venture, Vogue Imports, however, again not without adding our own ‘twist’ to the products. These wooden frames feature fabric headend which we can individualised by upholstering them with any of the 28 fabric options. These are a very unique product.

“Offering own label options for all customers has also been highly beneficial for our customers. Not only does it offer retailer protection and higher margins but also helps our customers tremendously in such a highly competitive market.”

Sustainability has been key for the business too. Last year Vogue reduced its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 43% from 2022. The company invested in smart meters and LED lighting across the site, while also offsetting 16 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2023 – the equivalent to planting 84 trees.

Furthermore, Vogue has achieved the benchmark of zero to landfill and has plans to recycle 30% of customers end of life mattresses by next year, alongside other targets that include 70% of mattresses using the eco design framework and 100% of tier suppliers to have set a net zero target, as well as all flexible plastic packaging to contain 30% recycled plastic.

“Sustainability isn’t just a buzz word for Vogue Beds,” says Bilkis. “It is a challenge we must meet. Globally, we are faced with many challenges that we cannot ignore, from the devasting effects of the climate crisis that are already being and will continue to be felt to bed poverty, unethical labour standards in supply chains and inequality.

“This strategy addresses how Vogue Beds will be devoted to improving our impact on our people and planet by working towards a sustainable future. The targets set out are just the beginning, we plan to meet each of our targets as early as possible, while reviewing our strategy annually.”

Vogue Beds is excited to host its ‘At Home Show’ during May 2024 where customers can experience their story first hand.


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