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Sam King, founder of From Fear To Mindful, talks about why his free toolkit is an industry game-changer for furnishing retailers to help boost sales.

How many times have you heard the ‘just looking’ and ‘we need to think about it’ expressions from customers in your retail store? There are many more fob-off phrases too, which all have the same end result, no sale. What if there was a way to turn this on its head through regular training?

There are many training providers in the retail space that offer crash courses on growing sales, but, as Sam King, founder of From Fear To Mindful, explains, these courses often get forgotten about due to them being one-off tutorials online or an open workshop with others. The difference with Sam King and his training is through their proven toolkit.

“We help build stronger relationships and loyalty with customers, ensuring long term sustainable growth and success,” Sam says. “High ticket retail store owners such as sofas, carpets, beds and furniture hire me to generate One Million in additional sales (above current pace) to their business because most are sick and tired of inconsistent cashflow, wondering where their next client will come from and working in their business rather than having their business work for them.”

So, the toolkit. What’s it all about?

“The toolkit has a value of $497 and I’m giving it away for free,” Sam revealed. “If retailers are sick and tired of hearing the same old objections such as ‘just looking’ and ‘we need to think about it’, these are the scripts they need to overcome them.

“The toolkit also helps retailers turn their existing client base into a tribe of raving fans that promote their business without the need for expensive (and risky) advertising campaigns. How many referral strategies do retailers consistently implement on a daily basis? Is it one? Perhaps two? Three, four or five? Very often the answer is zero.

“When you implement three referral strategies consistently you see exponential growth, with no upfront cost. It’s a no-brainer. The toolkit contains these strategies and much more.”

Sam added that there is proof in the pudding too. In fact, previous success where he has helped a retail store owner saw a 30% increase in sales in just five weeks. “One salesman gained a £8,000 order the very next day from one snippet of information he was told. He openly admitted that he would not have gotten that order if it wasn’t for the advice.

“The toolkit isn’t just something you should read and throw away. These are easy, actionable tools that you can implement today and see results.”

What is the next stage if a retailer is interested to learn more?

“For furniture store owners to work with me we have a Strategy Session (similar to an application process) to make sure I can crush it for them,” Sam said. “We’re going to be working together closely until they have achieved an extra One Million in sales (above current pace), so we need to be on the same page, and be able to get on with one another.

“This isn’t just an online course that you watch once and never use again, this is an investment with ongoing training and support until the goals have been achieved and beyond. It really is a community of like-minded forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

“Nobody else guarantees results by linking the fee to the results. Nobody else has the referral strategies we use that make exponential growth so easy. I also have a spiritual side and know that no matter how good the sales scripts and referral strategies are, if you aren’t aligned with the outcome mentally or subconsciously, you will not achieve the result.

“I’m a trained mindset practitioner that helps you remove subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from success. They could be from childhood or a comment that was said to you growing up. Very often we take on the beliefs of others whether knowingly or unknowingly and it is these ‘stories’ that affect our day to day lives.

“Even if you don’t work with us, if a training program of any kind doesn’t offer you a mindset element within it, be very hesitant about buying it, as you will not achieve its full potential.”

Sam continued by saying that the ultimate goal is to not only help furniture store owners achieve an extra million in sales but to help them implement a ‘Sales Champion’ (effectively an overall manager) that deals with the process giving them more profit and a better work-life balance. “Why should business owners put in all the risk and still consistently work 50-70 hours a week? It makes no sense.

“This is also where the belief shifting occurs as some owners just can’t seem to let go of the control to do it, which is natural as it’s their baby, but it doesn’t help their growth. Within just a few short weeks, they’ll experience huge shifts in their perspective and get back to being in a flow.

“We work extremely closely; this is why it has to be a good fit. I don’t want to work with somebody I don’t like for a prolonged period of time as life is too short. And on the other hand, I wouldn’t expect somebody to work with me if it doesn’t seem right for them. It would be a complete waste of their money. Not to mention, it could and probably would harm their business and personal development instead of helping it. People should choose situations that resonate with them, not conflict with them.”

As a final thought, Sam reaffirmed that results only come through repetition and therefore the process needs to be close and handheld to forge a strong relationship. “We pride ourselves on strengthening the relationship with furniture store owners and their clients.

“We know that by strengthening the relationship, this turns into long term sustainable growth and success. There are also some done-for-you elements working with us so you’ll see a huge influx of clients without having to lift a finger! Are you ready to shift your mindset from fear to mindful and grow sales in the process?”

Download the free toolkit here.

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