To Print or not to Print

Robin Sutherland, Global Sales Director at BigFurnitureData, details the benefits of FurnitureBrochure and why it’s a game-changer in the furnishings industry.

Over the years we have all been at the point of needing to instruct the printers to do the next print run of brochures but having to hold back because there is a new model arriving that was held up on delivery and missed the photoshoot, or perhaps a product has been discontinued so you don’t want it included but you still have large stocks to clear, hence the dilemma ‘To Print or not to Print’.

So, the concept of the digital brochure was born.

Digital Online Furniture Brochures vs. Traditional Printed Brochures

The digital online brochure offers a clean professional appearance, vastly superior to the often dog-eared printed version hidden in a filing cabinet, whose cover is often enhanced by a coffee ring stain and perhaps ‘SHOP COPY’ written in a fat marker pen. Not to mention that it is dated 2021 and we are now in January 2024.

Perfect for the retailer to use to show consumers and Reps & Agents to present to buyers, the products are loaded into the FurnitureBrochure will all fabric, size, finish and foot options and can be sorted to present all options onto a single screen, rather than flicking back and forward between pages. Thereby enriching the shopping experience and aiding in efficient decision making, creating a seamless buying experience for all concerned.

The digital online furniture brochure offers so much more than its printed counterpart, not only it is timeless, it has interactive features, categorisation and high-quality visuals, it also enhances the brand image and also proves highly useful for reps & agents along with salespeople in showrooms. They can swiftly present various options and details to customers on tablets or screens, enriching the shopping experience and aiding in efficient decision-making, creating a seamless and engaging sales process.

FurnitureBrochure offers an eco-friendly addition to traditional paper brochures. They are effortless to distribute, update and can incorporate interactive elements that enrich the buying experience. The content is all created for you and our content team will keep your brochure updated in real-time with live over the air updates. As soon as you advise us that say a fabric is no longer available, it is removed from the brochure, likewise when a new item arrives, it can be added to the brochure in minutes and will be there for everyone to see. /

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