Three Fire Tips to Help You Double Your Sales

Sam King, founder of From Fear To Mindful, talks about why his free toolkit can help furnishing retailers double sales.

1 – The Take Away

When a customer is browsing and likes a particular product, give them a product/specification card with the sizes and full details including prices on. Tell them that’s theirs to ‘take away’.

The customer will lower their sales resistance as they could take this statement as ‘This salesman isn’t pushy like the rest, we’ll talk to him more as he seems genuinely interested in helping us’. 

Then they’ll open up to you and tell you their needs and wants.

Of course, you will be closing the deal (when appropriate) but you need to lull your customers into an almost false sense of security.

This isn’t manipulation or lying as they’re with you for a reason and you’re serving them the right way.

Plus they will be taking the card away, in an invoice folder along with the receipt… right? 😉

Extra for Experts – If you don’t have a spec card, writing the details on a quote card/sheet, it works exactly the same

2 – Get Them To Sell It To Themselves

When somebody justifies why a product is right for them instead of somebody else saying it, the chances of them buying dramatically increases.

Here’s how you do that-

When a customer is showing extreme levels of interest in a product, mention to them:

You: “What is it about this product you like? Is it the style? Is it the feel? Is it the colour? The only reason I’m asking is because if there are other items like this, I want to show you so you definitely make the right decision.”

Customer: “Oh well we like the colour and the style is exactly what we want. It suits our decor to a T”.

You: “Perfect. Well I do have a similar one. Would you mind if I showed you just to make sure you’ve seen everything and not rule anything out?”

Customer: “No, sure!”

Then proceed to show them the other product, they might like it, they might not.

If they do, great!

You now have another product they are attached to so it’s a choice between the two!

If not, even better!

They’ve just justified to themselves why their original choice is the choice for them.

You then close the deal with a summary close:

You: “So that’s a Rome 3 seater and 2 seater, in ceramic grey, delivered in 5 weeks with full installation and disposal of old. Shall we do it?”


3 – 10X Your Business

10X’ing your business takes the exact same thought pattern as making small incremental increases of 1% here and 1% there.

The only difference is, it’s bigger. 

Instead of playing small and looking to save pennies, play large and look where you can see exponential growth.

Here’s how you increase sales:

A- More foot traffic

B- Higher Average Order Value

C- Increase your close rate

C- Increase the amount of times they buy from you

The thing is, if you have a plan to 10X your business and implement it and you only double, you’ve still seen exponential growth.

This is done through referrals and Joint Ventures which are both paid on results, unlike cold advertising campaigns and good sales training that is repeated and implemented until it is second nature.

Download my free Toolkit with 13 actionable tools that will help you increase footfall in your store, close more clients and most of all strengthen the relationship between you and your clients.

Free Toolkit here

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