The Range issues product recall due to electric shock risk

Value retailer The Range has issued a product recall on a Chinese vanity unit after it presented a high risk of an electric shock.

The product recall is for a ‘Light Up Mirror Vanity Unit’, sold by The Range, after being found to pose a serious risk of electric shock due to access to live parts.

“The product presents a risk of electric shock,” the recall notice said. “The internal wiring and lamp holder construction within the sealed units do not meet the required safety standards.

“In instances where there is incorrect wiring of the lamp holder’s live and neutral connections, the threaded metal casing of the Edison Screw (ES) light bulb would become live.

“There is possible access to live parts should any thin metal item be inserted into the lamp holder with the bulb fitted or not, and if the vanity light is not switched off at the wall when the light bulb is unscrewed.

“The product does not meet the requirements of The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016.”

The Range has asked affected consumers to unplug the product, stop using it immediately, and return it to any The Range store for a full refund.

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