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Close your eyes and transport yourself to the West Coast of Sweden, where the archipelago’s gentle waves, light grey cliffs and fields of heater create a symphony of tranquillity. Börje Thuleskär, the founder of Carpe Diem Beds, once found himself on the Island of Stora Kornö, surrounded by the serene landscape. His experiences on that day have been the source of inspiration for The Iconic Collection – a range of four beds canalling luxury, comfort, and innovation.

Carpe Diem Beds is known for creating beds beyond the ordinary, seamlessly marrying sleek Scandinavian design with unparalleled comfort. With carefully chosen materials and the precision of expert craftsmanship, no detail is overlooked, ensuring an extraordinary sleeping experience. The upcoming The Iconic Collection takes the fusion of design and comfort to the next level, as the new beds will stand out in the world of bespoke bedroom furnishing.

Introducing The Iconic Collection

Embarking on a journey to redefine bedroom furniture, Carpe Diem Beds introduces The Iconic Collection. Inspired by the serene archipelago on the West Coast of Sweden, this collection is inspired by founder Börje Thuleskär’s experiences on the Island of Stora Kornö.

“On a balmy summer day wandering the Island of Stora Kornö, Börje spread out his picnic blanket on a meadow of heather to lay down and rest. As he closed his eyes, he experienced a floating sensation and a feeling of weightlessness”.

The Iconic Collection features a centred leg piece, creating an ethereal floating aesthetic. With its unique handcrafted details and high-quality materials, the new beds are designed to transform the bedroom unlike traditional beds. The Iconic Collection is destined to leave a lasting sensation of rejuvenation and an appreciation of its beauty. All the beds in the new collection feature the patented Contour Pocket system, where springs adjust instantly to your body’s shape, ensuring unparalleled support and delivering a weightless feel.

Meet the Icons

The Iconic Collection includes four bespoke bed models, each named after islands in the archipelago on the Swedish West Coast.

Kungsö continental bed is a masterpiece, combining innovation with an elegant, modern design. Its centred leg piece creates a floating visual effect, elevating the room’s atmosphere and making it an actual work of art.

Hallsö Walnut bed frame and Hallsö Upholstered bed frame exude timeless charm and tailored quality. The handcrafted walnut frame, with natural wood variations, ensures each bed is a unique masterpiece. With its fabric-padded elegance, the upholstery frame seamlessly complements modern interiors, adding sophistication to your bedroom.

As the most exclusive bed in The Iconic Collection, Vindö adjustable bed offers the same luxurious, floating design as well as being adjustable. Control your body’s position, indulge in relaxing massages, and enjoy the convenience of a light feature. The Vindö adjustable bed sets a new standard, providing a one-of-a-kind luxury and comfort experience.

Elevating the experience with new fabrics

Along with the release of The Iconic Collection, Carpe Diem Beds is set to launch new exclusive fabrics. The new fabrics are inspired by the calming colours found in the archipelago on the West Coast of Sweden and will feature 22 design fabrics from Designers Guild, Romo Group, and Kvadrat.

Introducing some of the new fabrics, one of which is Azuara from Designers Guild – a soft two-toned chenille with a deep pile. The fabric has a highly tactile surface and neutral shades that bring a sense of serenity reminiscent of the heather covering the coastal cliffs of the archipelago. Another new fabric from Designers Guild is Skye, a stylish weave made using a blend of mélange toned yarns, including soft linen. The mélange effect adds a subtle shimmering to the surface, just like the tranquil shimmering of the granite rocks on the Swedish shores. Loop is one of the new fabrics from Romo Group, which is a sophisticated flattened bouclé weave. The fabric has a comforting and refreshing tactility. The soft natural palette is minimalistic and evokes the pristine archipelago landscape, ultimately calming the room’s ambience. Finally, there’s Melange Nap, one of two new fabrics from Kvadrat. The wool fabric combines mélange and unicoloured yarn. With its seemingly brushed surface, Melange Nap is soft yet exceptionally durable. Just like the heathered landscape found on the western shores of Sweden, it’s perfect for building a sense of comfort.

Redefining luxury beds

The Iconic Collection invites you to experience a floating sensation that whisks you away to the serene shores of the Swedish West Coast. Picture the tranquillity, feel the calm, and transform each night into an unwinding retreat. This collection is more than mere beds; it’s a masterpiece that urges you to seize the day, beginning with a night of unparalleled sleep.

Available online and in stores Spring 2024

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