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Sam King, founder of From Fear To Mindful, continues the conversation on his free toolkit and why furniture retailers need to download it.

After just entering its second year of trading, Sam King’s free toolkit to help boost sales and profits for furniture and bed retailers is continuing to gain pace. “This year has started really well,” said Sam. “By helping as many furniture store owners as possible strengthen their relationships with their clients, we can help more business owners not only earn more money but take a more relaxed and stable approach to their business. Who wants Yo-Yo results when you can have sustainable and predictable profits all year round?”

Over the next year, Sam added: “Our aim by January 2025 is to be helping 40 furniture store owners well on their way to adding an extra One Million GBP in revenue above current pace. The feedback from retailers is great. Many furniture store owners have been in the furniture selling space for years. It’s not like they’re new to the game so the vast majority have got great experience in sales.

“How we help though is by leveraging the skills that they already have and fine tune them with certain scripts (answers to objections, what to say and when to say it) which ultimately swings the likelihood of not just a prospect making a purchase, but turning them into a lifelong client that actively refers their friends and family to them.”

The free toolkit is where the journey starts. And if applied correctly, the gains can be “huge”, says Sam. “The first major win of people downloading the toolkit is that if they apply it, they’ll see a huge increase in their Close Rate and Average Order Value. If applied properly, furniture retailers will increase 20%, easily. This is the short-sighted view though. The long game is that they’ll have clients for life and within two years, their footfall will be doubled, minimum.

“Relationships are important with their clients; relationships are also important within the business community. Once businesses come together to create Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, this is where businesses grow exponentially. You only need a handful of trusted business people together looking out for each other and great things happen.

“My coach has a ‘Dolphin’ analogy. Dolphins swim in a pod and protect and lookout for one another. When a shark comes to attack one dolphin, the rest of the dolphins attack leaving it helpless and motionless. And what happens to a shark when it can’t swim? It suffocates and dies. It sounds harsh but that’s nature… and business!”

On relationships, Sam says these are “crucial” to the success of anything. How his toolkit helps goes beyond the actionable pointers, but to ongoing training to maximise the clients desired result. “Somebody said something a few years ago that ‘You may be able to sell ice to eskimo’s, but you’ll only do it once’ and I loved that. Always think of the long game of sales and be strategic with your words and actions. This is what separates the 1%’ers from the others.”

The toolkit will help furniture store owners “out-smart, out-think and out-earn their competition”, and with a value of £297, offering for free helps retailers implement it straight away. “If they do, they will see an increase in turnover and client loyalty,” Sam continued. “The strategies are simple but the best and most successful methods usually are. I promise you that their competition will not be doing everything that the toolkit says. It only takes one thing that can make the difference.”

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